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My Personal Best: Indian Photographer Anuradha Chatterjee

My Personal Best: Indian Photographer Anuradha Chatterjee

Anuradha Chatterjee is an amateur photographer from Kolkata. During her childhood, Anuradha was fond of painting, and for much of her life, she would take casual photographs during her travels. After developing a technical interest in photography a few years ago, Anuradha found that this visual medium can also tell…

Black and White Wildlife Photography By Laurent Baheux

Unbelievable High Contrast B&W Photos Of African Wildlife By Laurent Baheux

AFRICA is a testimonial about all endangered species of the black continent. Laurent chooses to develop a collection of portraits and scenes of the life of the animals like a family album. With a new approach in traditional nature photography, Laurent tries to capture the humanity and personality of each…

Simon McCheung – Inspiring Fine Art Photographer from London

Simon McCheung: Most Creative & Inspiring Fine Art Photographer From London

Most interesting & creative portraits with great influence towards art and human emotions. Simon McCheung from London excels in producing such fantastic portraits which are hard to take out from our minds. The color schema and that significant processing method take his portfolio to the next level. According to Simon,…

Stavros Stamatiou – Brilliant Street Photographer from Greece

Stavros Stamatiou: Brilliant Street Photographer From Greece

One cannot simply resist these photographs, an ordinance out of the extraordinary. Typical artistic approach to the enduring street photography by this greek photographer Stavros Stamatiou. Every Pictures spells the words of silence while there also exists a constant chirp of buzzing, some unknown lives and numerous hindrances. These photographs…

My Personal Best: Indian Photographer Puspita Chowdhury

My Personal Best: Indian Photographer Puspita Chowdhury

A big warm hello to all the readers. I am Puspita Chowdhury from Guwahati, Assam, done my post-graduation in sales and marketing, have worked for 12 years, and am now a total homemaker. From my early days, I was always inclined towards art, though not formally trained but I always…

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