It has taken more than a decade of hard work, some phenomenal amount of passion and good will behind this book Genesis by Sebastião Salgado, an amazing photographer and wonderful human being who doesn’t need much of an introduction. In this short post of ours, we wanted to underline what makes it so special and why is Genesis a lifetime project for our Master Photographer.

Earlier, the idea was conceived by his wife Leila Salgado. The Struggles he had faced being a documentary photographer, the way he had overcome it, the creation of such an extraordinary rain forest out of nothing but through strong will and immense hard work. It all started there, having gone through such dramatic events all through his life, Salgado wanted to find the precious things in this planet, which are still out there untouched by our very own urban civilization, this made him want to photograph again, but this time on the identities of this planet and to create a representation for the whole of it.

Sebastião Salgado – About Genesis

Salgado speaks about humanity, and his wish to photograph us right from the beginning which is obviously the sole bottom-line for Genesis. He wants to create a discussion out of it, which is pristine about our planet. In such a way he could create a system of information and ultimately draw a wonderful presentation of this planet. Salgado speaks about the importance of trees, and shows the paradise he has created in name of rainforest, here the perseverance shown is phenomenal. Salgado has recreated a wonderful ecosystem which was better than how it was before the erosion.

Photography is a kind of phenomenon, you are a complete part of the subject, they are linked to the camera and become part of the system, everything acts together and then you reach the maximum, you know you can’t get a better picture. You grow with the phenomenon, you become part of the phenomenon and then you come out of it. ” – Sebastião Salgado

Breathtaking Photographs from Genesis

These pictures here are about the landscapes, about the people, and about the love of Salgado towards this precious planet. Photographs here show us what Earth should be known for and what we should strive hard for being so. Genesis is simply a love letter from Salgado to our planet Earth and he believes we all together could save it and preserve it the way it stays in these photographs.

© Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas Images

© Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas Images


Sebastião Salgado – TED Talk

The Master gives one of the most inspirational speeches ever in regards to the current global scenario, the way urbanization takes its shift on our ecosystem, some quick glimpses of photographs from his book “Genesis”.


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One of the amazing creations and arguably a milestone and new trendsetter in regards to both photography and publishing. It was a wonderful courtesy from Taschen Publications to have agreed to this giant art copy, Leila Salgado’s Book design has been magnificent, typically a lifetime purchase for any art or nature lover.

Sebastiao Salgado. Genesis

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