Article By: Prashanth Swaminathan

Filmmaking is presenting truth with the filmmaker’s view about the truth. Photography laid the foundation for this basic structure of filmmaking. Photos are plain truth that are even more real than reality.

Life on earth has remained the same for a long time. Change never ceases to change. Time is cyclic and things repeat. If you observe fashion industry closely, you’ll find that we are living a cyclic life. So, there’s nothing new as such. Same truth or element of earth is presented in different wrappers over time.

There are a lot of masters in photography who’d shot and are shooting almost everything we think about and that we shoot. All of the photographs is a copy of many other photographs. This is applicable for any art form. You can’t really create something new and organic. But, you can wrap things with your own wrapper. This art form is sure to survive for a lot of time. The cyclic structure is never bound to stop. Try coming up with new wrappers and not to forget, keep visiting the works of the masters whenever you’re bored of your wrapper. Happy wrapping!

Sebastiao Salgado

© Sebastiao Salgado

Josef Koudelka

© Josef Koudelka

James Natchway

© James Natchway

Robert Frank

© Robert Frank

Raghu Rai

© Raghu Rai

Henri Cartier Bresson

© Henri Cartier Bresson

Ansel Adams

© Ansel Adams

Vivian Maier

© Vivian Maier

Fan Ho

© Fan Ho

Elliott Erwitt

© Elliott Erwitt

Marc Riboud

© Marc Riboud

Willy Ronis

© Willy Ronis

Rene Burri

© Rene Burri

Bruce Davidson

© Bruce Davidson

Irving Penn

© Irving Penn

Rene Maltete

© Rene Maltete

Cristina Garcia

© Cristina Garcia

Stanko Abadzic

© Stanko Abadzic

Martine Franck

© Martine Franck

Pentti Sammallahti

© Pentti Sammallahti

Kishore Parekh

© Kishore Parekh

S Paul

© S Paul

Leonard Freed

© Leonard Freed

Pedro Luis Raota

© Pedro Luis Raota

Mark Cohen

© Mark Cohen

Steve McCurry

© Steve McCurry

Alex Webb

© Alex Webb

David Alan Harvey

© David Alan Harvey

Raghubir Singh

© Raghubir Singh

Bruno Barbey

© Bruno Barbey

Ernest Haas

© Ernest Haas

Gianni Brengo Gardin

© Gianni Brengo Gardin

Adriana Lestido

© Adriana Lestido

Sergio Larrain

© Sergio Larrain

Jeff Mermelstein

© Jeff Mermelstein

Saul Leiter

© Saul Leiter

Joey Lawrence

© Joey Lawrence

Prashanth Godbole

© Prashanth Godbole

Lee Jeffries

© Lee Jeffries

Daido Moriyama

© Daido Moriyama

Article By: Prashanth Swaminathan