Watch this amazing talk by British Photographer Jimmy Nelson in TED Conference at Brazil.

When Jimmy Nelson traveled to Siberia to photograph the Chukchi people, elders told him: “You cannot photograph us. You have to wait, you have to wait until you get to know us, you have to wait until you understand us.” In this gorgeously photo-filled talk, join Nelson’s quest to understand — the world, other people, himself — by making astonishing portraits of the world’s vanishing tribes and cultures.

About Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson (born 1967) is a British photojournalist and photographer known for his portraits of tribal and indigenous peoples. In 2009 Nelson started to work on his biggest project to-date, Before they Pass Away. He traveled for 3 years and photographed more than 35 indigenous tribes around the world in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the South Pacific, using a 50-year-old 4x5in camera. The tribes that Nelson photographed include the Huli and Kalam tribes of New Guinea, the Tsaatan of Mongolia and the Mursi people of the Omo River valley in southern Ethiopia.

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