His Vision is beautiful, be it the color or monochrome. In this video, Swapan Parekh quotes such brilliant lines very much from his heart towards arts and photography. He explains his love for photographs without larger meanings where he shoots for himself. His works on both color “Between Me and I”and the other one is black and white “In no hurry to no where” brings us a glimpse through his brilliance. He has always been multi genre person shooting across news, advertising, documentary, personal, corporate and fashion as well, hence one cannot stamp him in a certain genre.

Swapan feels that he himself cannot decode few of his photographs, finding a meaning within them and calls it probably his way of seeing the world. In this beautiful interview, he stresses on the importance of holding a good print against sharing pictures on social media. His love for a good print is very evident and he insists on the physical attributes of art comparing it to touching a computer screen vs making love.

He explains us the reason he quit the photojournalism industry and tells us how he is a citizen of world as far as photography is concerned.

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