Magnum Photographer David Alan Harvey on the subject of “HOME”

In collaboration with FUJIFILM, Magnum Photos is on a major new project exploring the subject of “HOME”. An exhibition of the work will tour to seven cities around the world starting in March 2018, and be accompanied by a photobook.

16 Magnum Photographers will explore the theme of “HOME” for the project. Known for their wide range of approaches, Magnum Photos members produce documentary photography that encompasses art and photojournalism. Sharing the agency’s legacy for humanistic photography, associated with its founding in 1947, Magnum’s contemporary practitioners are united by a curiosity about the world. This project invites them to explore a universal subject familiar to us all.

“Home” is not only defined as a space for physical living. It holds various other associations that are emotional, biological, cultural and societal. These 16 photographers have been given an open brief to explore the subject through their own individual practices, the resulting work reflecting their personal take on a subject that we all record photographically.

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About David Alan Harvey

David Alan Harvey was born in San Francisco in 1944. It took him almost 11 years to discover his interest towards Photography. In 1956 he bought a used Leica using his savings money. By the end of 1964, he had many photo documents of few Black Family living in Virginia. These Photos were the roots of his first book “tell it like it is”.

From there he went on to shoot & write more than 40 photo essays for National Geographic magazine. Since 1997 he is a full-time member of the most prestigious group Magnum Photos. Mr.Harvey is the chief publisher and editor of Burn Magazine, which is an online publication through which he supports emerging Photographers too.

Known for his color portraits and great street life. Mr.Harvey’s book “Cuba” shows great images bringing the life in those cities along with the green countryside. These Pictures show us the Proper Contemporary way of Life in Cuba.

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