Daidō Moriyama born in Ikeda, Osaka, Japan on October 10, 1938. Moriyama noted for his images depicting the breakdown of traditional values in post-war Japan. Moriyama studied photography under Takeji Iwamiya before moving to Tokyo in 1961 to work as an assistant to Eikoh Hosoe. Moriyama received the Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement from the International Center of Photography in New York. This below video interview in Japanese, but we have subtitles in English. I was very much inspired by his words and work. Please check it out.

How did you start your photography?

I was fond of painting, and when I was 20 years old, I was a freelance designer. Once, for my job, I visited a photographer’s studio in Osaka. It was the first time I would felt the atmosphere of photographer’s studio. It was very sporty and enjoyable. It was a different world from mine. In which I was always in front of a desk and doing detail-oriented works. I was shocked at this difference. I was not thinking about being a photographer, but I was shocked and then decided to change my direction by myself. I was young, and this urged me to change my life. In the end, I started to work at this studio. It was how I started to take photos.

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