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The “Action on the Streets” Photo Contest, We announced this month had some tremendous response!

Yes out of 686 Entries to select a winner with 5 Honorable mentions would have definitely been a Hard job for Our Respectable Jury Prateek Dubey.

We as a  team in 121clicks express our sincere thanks  to Prateek Dubey for his Time and Responsibility. We also thank everybody who gave it a go, thanks for your participation!

Prateek’s Feedback and Comments:

Every time you press the shutter, you find yourself standing on the tip of your existence. All that you’ve learnt, all you’ve smelt, felt, read and all your relationships come rushing to define you and your photograph. So in this context, I saw the photographer in the pictures presented. I felt that a few photographers were truthful and knew who they were at that time while others are still searching. The beauty of this search is that if you do not give up, it will certainly give you what you want.

I was looking for honesty, skillful observation, ability to express and technical proficiency in the photographs.


Action on the Streets Photography Contest - Winner and Honorable Mentions

Photographer Name : Jason Martini
Title & Description: Pipe It In

Judges Comments :
The one winner after much deliberation is Jason Martini’s ‘Pipe it In’. First thing which stands out is the point of interest right in the centre. Not considered usually as a good composition, but here makes perfect sense as it ‘stops’ the motion of the eye and draws to the object of narration immediately and then takes it beyond the figure by the lines drawn from the wide angle.The title at once appealed to me. All the vehicles are standing to let the man with the pipe walk, as if bowing to his presence and stature. The man meanwhile is mocking them with his power. It is his time in this universe. Technical ability of Jason is to be applauded. With a wide angle this close, the lines are beautifully balanced. If one does not align a wide angle lens correctly any amount of perspective correction will not give you a balanced picture. ‘Pipe it in’ is perfect in this department.


Honorable Mentions

Action on the Streets Photography Contest - Winner and Honorable Mentions

Photographer Name : Robert Painter
Title : New Oxford Street
Description: Woman crossing the road in the dramatic late evening sun slanting under the centre point building (taken on Fuji Velvia film).

Judges Comments :
A close second is ‘Oxford Street’ by Robert Painter. Beautiful colors, fantastic lines and fabulous light. It is a photograph which appeals immediately with its geometry while the contrast makes it deliciously mysterious. The vantage point chosen by Robert makes him an accomplished street photographer. It displays his sensitivity to the composition of forms and their relationship within the frame.


Action on the Streets Photography Contest - Winner and Honorable Mentions

Photographer Name : Jourdan Lynch
Title & Description: None

Judges Comments :
Jourdan Lynch’s untitled picture is appealing in its absolute honesty. It captures a poignant moment. The man holding the child is thinking of something else. He seems to be far away from the little girl who is tightly hugging him. All the elements relate to this heart warming reality of existence. Figures in the foreground accentuate this fact of fleeting interaction of emotions.


Action on the Streets Photography Contest - Winner and Honorable Mentions

Photographer Name : Arun Titan
Title : Jump into the Yellow
Description : Took the photograph of this Children with the yellow wall in Theni, Tamil Nadu, India.

Judges Comments :
Arun Titan’s ‘Jump into Yellow’ is at once captivating and heartwarming. Great skill in composition using a wide angle. It is a picture of joy which truly sketches ‘Action on Streets’ title.


Action on the Streets Photography Contest - Winner and Honorable Mentions

Photographer Name : Cosmin Munteanu
Title: Mobile Facebook
Description: Trying to express the more and more dependent world on the newer technologies. The photo was caught on film in a tram station in my home town.

Judges Comments :
‘Mobile Facebook’ by Cosmin Munteanu also tells that there could be a photographer lurking somewhere around you. The communication angle is beautifully captured here. Co-incidentally, the expressions of the narrators interact well enough to create drama. Great observation!


Action on the Streets Photography Contest - Winner and Honorable Mentions

Photographer Name : Supriyo R Sarkar
Title : Street Rider
Description: Just after the cyclone, the dramatic, stormy, misty and rainy weather moved me to take some photographs. In that stormy weather condition standing in my balcony for near about 45 minutes, I took several shots and tried different exposure and shutter speed. Suddenly I saw this bicycle rider coming from nowhere and he was rushing to take shelter. I waited till he came under the street light and in that very monument I released my shutter.

Judges Comments :
I like Supriyo R Sarkar’s ‘Street Rider’. Wonderfull panning technique and steady hands. I think the vantage point is lovely as it takes a few seconds of observation to come out of the impression that the picture is not of a reflection itself. The brightest spot of the picture seems to be at the perfect place in the frame. Well done!


Finally I must say that my judgement is based on my understanding of the images. I’m sure some of you feel that your images could have found a place in merit. I’m sure you are right. I enjoyed looking at all the images, but I had to make a decision and select a winner. The winner ‘Pipe it in’, in my opinion went beyond the event which was captured. It has an attitude and a style of telling a story. Which it has done with great skill and finess.

All the best. Keep shooting.

Prateek Dubey

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Huge Cheer & Congrats to the Winner and Honorable Mentions from 121clicks Team. Please watch out for Best Entries in next post.

Thanks again to all the Participants, at times it is the Participation better than Winning!!

– 121Clicks Team