The COOPH team headed out with the new Leica CL to test some useful hints and tips for architecture photography. Architectural photography is both aesthetically pleasing and an accurate representation of the subject, therefore unlike other fields of photography, considerable time can be spent scouting a scene or environment. In this video, we try out a variety of tips and tricks that are sure to perfect your architecture photography, whether you are shooting from inside or out! So, grab your camera, find a building you love and try it out for yourself!

In this video you will learn below tips from Cooph:

  1. Compose with Solid Lines
  2. Shoot Upward
  3. Capture Curvature
  4. Shoot Wide
  5. Compose with Negative Space
  6. Abstract Patterns
  7. Create Symmetry

7 Useful Tips For Architecture Photography You Should Try Today

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