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Impressive Interview with Srinivasan, A doctor who turned out to be an amazing wildlife photographer


Quite surprisingly atleast for us, a doctor is found to carry huge bazooka lenses in the wildest forests you will ever imagine. His pictures are certainly story telling and makes you feel in the [...]


50 Pictures to teach you about decisive moment in bird photography


Bird Photography would be the purest form for any nature photographer. Hence forth, what would a bird photographer or a plain nature lover expect or respect from a grand collection of photographs belonging to [...]


100 Wildlife Photographers you should follow


Wildlife Photography doesn’t need much of an introduction. What makes us go in awe is the amount of patience with  time and dedication most of the grand masters of usually put in to get [...]


Nick Brandt – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Nick Brandt is an interesting person, a phenomenal wildlife photographer who believes in a simple term “Fail again but fail better”. This is so unique about his role as a photographer to server what [...]


Beautiful Bird Photography by Nisha Purushothaman


Nisha Purushothaman is an ambitious Nature Photographer who tends to have taken more than just pictures from these wonderful little feathered creatures. Her Pictures are spelling every bit of nature’s beauty. Presently residing in [...]


Interview with Nature Photographer Alex Saberi


Stunning nature bound fauna shots by Alex Saberi. One could not stop thinking how surreal this light can play infact mesmerizing the beauty of a scene. Adding more drama and vision in every picture [...]


Interview with Wildlife Photographer Morkel Erasmus


Listen to Morkel Erasmus as he passionately speaks about his journey as a wildlife photographer, words on advice and some fascinating experiences he had encountered over the years. His answers are at the right [...]


Interview with Nature Photographer Marsel van Oosten


Extremely talented and passionate nature photographer Marsel Van Oosten speaks on his photography stints, Journey as a photographer and some valuable lessons on being the one and much more. His love for nature and [...]


Interview with Wildlife Photographer Frits Hoogendijk


Hear it from one of the finest of finest wildlife photographer Frits Hoogendijk. His thoughts on capturing the mood of the nature, the very necessity for him to choose this genre of photography and [...]


Beautiful Wildlife Photography by Simon Roy


Pleasant surprises, the animals which are not wild yet capturing the wildest behaviours of them is one of the favorite hobbies for Simon Roy. Great in clarity and vividness these pictures tell us what [...]