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Pygmalion Karatzas – Most Compelling Long Exposure Photography


An amazing artist from Greece. What I really like from Karatzas, he is very humble and very true with his work. Karatzas studied architecture in Budapest, urban design in Edinburgh and ecovillage design education [...]


Most Compelling Fine Art Photography by John Kosmopoulos


John is an international award-winning photographer who embodies a new school of photography known as “eclectic aesthetic fine art” (EAFA). Always in search of enlightenment through an insightful imagination to fulfill his photographic vision, [...]


Fine Art Landscapes – Nowhere by Michel Rajkovic


An unexplainable silence and a rather sad melancholy keeps humming across these monochromatic landscape photographs of Michel Rajkovic. A grand taste for composition and some majestic lighting all across haunts any artist. How difficult [...]


Effectively Incorporating Light Flares in Your Photos


Guest Article by:  Gughan Bose Light Flares are often undesirable, as they reduce the overall contrast of the photo. One of the uses of lens hoods is to eliminate flares. Although they are undesirable [...]


Fine art architectural photography by Pygmalion Karatzas


An architect by profession and fascinated by photography, Pygmalion Karatzas has produced some astoudning visual through his vision. Just listen, what he says about this project and his experience. MAXXI museum, Italy, by architect [...]


Fascinating Fine Art Photography by Rohan Reilly


Quiescence is much more prominent and scintillating with these long exposure photographs. Rohan Reilly has produced some astounding visuals through his vision and always believes in understanding a scene before starting to shoot. In [...]


Island – Fine Art Landscapes by Peter Zéglis


One step closer to silence and tranquility, while perceiving every single photograph here. Just like most of us, Peter wanted to exit out the energy and the positive transformations inside him through a channel. [...]


Long Exposure Photography Tips, Tutorials And Videos


A Great deal of Long Exposure Photography tips collected specially for our 121 fans. Shooting long exposure in no more a haunting task for any landscape or fine-art photographer. Go through these splendid tutorials [...]


Poetic Nature Photography by Nathan Wirth


Nathan Wirth, hails himself to be a self taught photographer. Simply stunning and astounding quality of work on his monochrome landscapes. The long exposures are more than meditation with photography. He believes it is [...]


Black and White Long Exposure Photography by Will Le


Will is from a very small town called Miri from Sarawak, Malaysia. He started his journey in photography when he was a college student. He spent almost all of his saving to buy his [...]