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How to shoot portraits in natural light well explained with amazing examples


As we all know shooting portraits is one of the stiff & daunting tasks for any photographer but it may really ease out once you start to find the ground in this genre of […]


A refreshing long exposure landscape photography by Steve Landeros


Silence through the scenic landscapes. Steve Landeros is a craftsman in carefully capturing the extravagant beauty of these landscapes. Steve says that his interest towards photography happened first when he started to admire the […]


The Sleep Project – Infinite & Poetic Fine Art Photography Beata Rydén


Beata Ryden is a creative fine-art photographer from Sweden. Her thoughts and insight towards the art is very natural and relieves the inner tension while taking a look at these photographs. Beata’s wonderful project […]


This young Chinese photographer shoots emotional portraits & it is hard to believe


A teacher by profession Yihui makes is unbelievable and accounts for the stark emotions within them. The mood of the photograph goes hand in hand with the environment, excellent stature and poses of these […]


This Brilliant dad shoots classic pictures of his daughter inspired from old oil-paintings


Bill Gekas is a renowned photographer from Australia who is known for his classic recreation of portraits very much resembling some old oil paintings. Just like any other father Bill started shooting his daughter […]


Esben Bøg Jensen shoots film & reveals what is a good photograph


Film Photography at its very best, Esben Bøg Jensen shows us some brilliant examples of portraits filled with classic emotions all through his portfolio. The grains of film stock and the undying colors adds […]


30 Astonishing Back-lit Portraits with most beautiful light


Back-lit Portraits are never boring and makes us feel the warmth of sunlight straight away. These portraits here give us a wonderful feeling towards emotion as well help us to appreciate the warmth of […]


Sandra Jolly – Mind blowing Photographs by an Irish Mother


Sandra Jolly is an Irish photographer based in Sweden. Sandra loves to be in her own world of motherhood, Yes being a mother of two beautiful kids makes her photography even more interesting. Her […]


Emotive Portrait Photography by an 19-Year-Old Irina Munteanu

irina munteanu_photography_thumb

Irina Munteanu from Romania is an 19 year old photographer and dreamer living by seaside. Irina photos are intimate, personal, touchable, meaningful and full of emotions. She focuses on details, subtle meanings, simple powerful […]


Mysterious & Surreal Fine art photography by Sarah Ann Loreth


Interesting and moodaholic portraits with great influence towards art and human emotions. Characters feeling the extremes of snow and water with smart processing techniques and intelligent posing. Sarah Ann Loreth excels in producing such […]