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Gordon Parks – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks was an American Photographer who was a multifaceted individual making his reign over photography, music, literature and movies. Gordon Parks is primarily well known and fondly remembered for his [...]


10 Commandments to check who you are in Photography


Guest Article by: Suraj Speaking about the machinations of photography is all well and good. But what is equally important is for a photographer to assimilate oneself into the artistic credibility of the images [...]


Alfred Eisenstaedt – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Alfred Eisenstaedt was a German born American Photojournalist. Most popular photographer during his days and still, he was one of the 4 prominent early photographers hired by the Life Magazine. Alfred was born in [...]


A Silent Voice through Art & Photography – Interview with Zewar Fadhil


Art and Photography binds well and expresses numerous emotions through the works of Zewar Fadhil. Meet a very talented Fine-art Photographer from Iraq, who rejoices and speaks within to produce some of the strongest [...]


Martin Parr – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Martin Parr is a British Photographer. Known extensively for most of his photographic projects which were some pictorial representations of various critical aspects of modern life mostly cornering on the suburban life of England. [...]


Artsy Landscape Photography by Marcin Sobas


Stunning and out of the world captures of beautiful meadows from an outstanding altitude. This is Marcin Sobas for all of us, simple and elegant compositions playing a wonderful art touch to these photographs. [...]


Abbas – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


“My photography is a reflection, which comes to life in action and leads to meditation. Spontaneity – the suspended moment – intervenes during action, in the viewfinder. A reflection on the subject precedes it. [...]


Ian Berry – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Ian Berry was born in Preston, England. It was in 1952, Berry moved to South Africa, a place which brought him  great recognition. Berry started to learn photography on his own and later worked [...]


Martine Franck – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Martine Franck is a Belgian documentary photographer who specialized in portrait photography. She was the better half of legendary photographer Henri-Cartier-Bresson. Having been the member of great magnum photos for more than 32 years [...]


Vivian Maier – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Vivian Dorothea Maier, was an interesting street photographer born in New york city. Earlier she did grow up in France but later returned to United states. During this period she worked as a Nanny [...]