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Most Passionate & Raw Photo Stories made on Humanity


Its feel incredible to just think about how humanity has survived to rule this entire world over the period of time and at the same time it is an alarming thing to look at [...]


Photo Story – Beyond The Act By Anirban Mukhopadhyay


Calcutta has always been the centre of art and culture in India, among which theatre played a pivotal role in shaping up the social mind set of the city. The tradition of mainstream theatre [...]


Most Fascinating & Storytelling Photographs by Alison McCauley


Interesting captures on street with an exuberant eye for details and composition. Sometimes vibrancy and the architectural aspects and on the other hand irresistible characters within the frame. Alison McCauley is a Geneva-based documentary [...]


The Daily Life of African Tribes – Daring & Splendid Photographs by Mario Gerth


Mario Gerth amazes us with his hardcore passion for travel & photography. Rooting from Germany, Mario has already travelled to more than 70 countries and tells his passion keeps growing with every attempt. His speech [...]


Yann Arthus-Bertrand – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Yann Arthus-Bertrand was born in Paris on March 13, 1946. Right from his early age he was very much fond of nature and wildlife. At an early age of 17, Yann started his career as [...]


Gordon Parks – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks was an American Photographer who was a multifaceted individual making his reign over photography, music, literature and movies. Gordon Parks is primarily well known and fondly remembered for his [...]


Survivors – The True Face of a Victim by Ken Hermann


Every year people in Bangladesh are disfigured beyond recognition by acid attacks. The victims are literally scarred for life. Award-winning photographer Ken Hermann and video journalist Tai Klan visited Bangladesh and returned with a [...]


Beautiful Documentary Photo-Stories showing us life is all about love & faith


Story of mankind, those intolerable diseases, rather painful moments and contagious discomfort. Against all these odds, there remains some strong hold for love, faith and a concrete reason to prolong life as we call [...]


Most Intense & Painful Photo Stories on Child labor


Child Labor still prevails in most of the developing countries and could well be called as a sin to keep those innocent children away from education, depriving of their childhood. There will be numerous [...]


Humani Afrika | Malagasy Chronicles – An Ebook by Marc-André Pauzé


“In the little house of red mud, Vola was taking a break from her multiple daily chores to look at her children play games. On the wooden bench, near the only window that let [...]