Showcase of Street Photographer Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues


Meet Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues from São Paulo – Brazil.

Just listen to what he has to say about his style of Street Photography in Brazil.

“Walking down the Streets and observing, i have always tried to feel every moment, just keeping calm and breathing. Each place has a different smell, and the light changes all the time. Photography for me is totally spiritual, I feel intuitively when photographing the scene, many a time light may not be the best, but I never want to miss the scene.

There was an incident where I was beaten and my camera backpack was stolen. There are dangerous places and many people do not like to get pictured, so I try to always be alert and carefully go walking, fortunately looking for a great moment.

This project is called “Urban Soul” that’s what I try to shoot. I’m always looking for the urban soul. For me Photography is a lighter exercise on a Spiritual note, a search for yourself that reflects who you are in which one can see and feel the world.

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All the pictures in this post are copyrighted to Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues. Their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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Showcase of Street Photographer Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues, 5.0 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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  1. The Leonardo Amaro Rodrigues is one of the photographers I admire most in the state of São Paulo. He was my motivator, teacher and is my main inspiration. Your photos are excellent, but this article written about him I see a mistake in the title. Although Leonardo has photos that make us see sensuality, his work “Urban Soul” has nothing in sensuality. It is a more spiritual work. As he himself wrote: I’m always looking for the urban soul. For me Photography is to exercise on a lighter note Spiritual, the search for yourself who you are That Reflects in which one can see and feel the world. “

    • Thank you, Sam really got a very great care with the tone
      I know that in each display my photography has some tonal variations, the ideal is to have a well calibrated monitor when, and if possible
      a monitor own photography. nowadays monitors are getting better.
      I’m so glad you noticed the tone in my photography

      a big hug


  2. I always had this doubt about street photography. What it is really? Is it just the photographs of people and exteriors on the street or is it something else too. For instance, here there is a silhouette pic of a girl under a tree which is obviously not on the streets and there are two pics inside a church. Do all these still make up for street photography. Am just curious. Any inputs will be great. Cheers!!! 🙂

    • Hello thanks for commenting
      first of all I do photography, street photography label
      is something to clafissicar, label limits and directs our ideas
      I prefer to be free to direct my gaze and feel where and what to shoot
      but in my opinion the word “Street” is very broad.
      but each has their own opinion.

      a big hug

  3. Leonardo has a great soul…sensitive,humble with genuine interest on the
    beauty represented in the daily life…simple…creative and brave..
    Wonderful job..inspiring us to use better our way to see the world..

    All the best


    • Thanks Sandra’ll use the words of a photographer that I admire
      to express how I feel.

      Ansel Adams said the following: “Some people make a living with photography, photography for others to give them life …”

      Sandra a hug

  4. His photography captures the attention of the viewer…his pictures take life untill to feel the movement, the noise, the thoughts… sometimes the soul of the people he portrays. This kind of photography is rare … as it is rare and beautiful Leonardo’soul, one of the greatest photographers of our time.
    a big hug my friend!

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