Showcase of Street Photographer Gabi Ben-Avraham

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Gabi Ben-Avraham, 52, married with three children, works in a software company as an IT manager and lives in a quiet neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel, the city which he grew up in, has never left and which is a part of him and his photographing. During the 1980’s, photographed using film cameras. Did not touch a camera for 20 years until he received a digital camera as a gift for his birthday from his wife 3 years ago. The rest is history…. During the last years took part in various courses regarding Street Photography and Photo Journalism.

Moto: “The Street is not a Studio”. Sometimes I stand and wait for things to converge – a cyclist, a dancer, a child – moving along.
Street Photography/Documentary is my favorite way of looking at the world.

My camera has become an integral part of me and I cannot imagine myself without it. Everywhere I go I take it with me thinking ‘maybe today will be my lucky day and I will take the photo of my life’. Via the camera lens I am constantly looking around me, searching for that ‘decisive’ moment that will never return, unless I catch it. When pushing the button, I try to make some sense, restore order to the chaotic scheme of things in the composition, tell the story behind the scene and frame a surrealistic moment. The components ‘speak’ with each other in a special dialogue, either by color (I prefer B&W, I add color only when it is meaningful), shape, or light. Capturing the elusive, special moment after which things will never be the same and making it eternal – that is my goal.

Forgotten, transparent people in urban surroundings are being granted their moment of grace. The shadows, fragile outlines, reflections within daily lives that are not noticed in the busy and thick urban landscape and sometimes are even crushed by it – these are precious to me. Those expressions and compositions are to be treasured before they are lost in time.

Some of my images have been exhibited as part of various exhibitions in Israel as well as few newspapers and photographic websites. Last summer, I made the “Social Protest” project with regard to the temporary tent city in Tel Aviv. A few months ago I made a series about people in Cuba.

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You can find Gabi Ben-Avraham on the Web :

All the pictures in this post are copyrighted to Gabi Ben-Avraham. Their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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  1. Delbar Moradi says:

    wow.. I really love your style of street photography.

  2. swarat says:

    great street photography :)

  3. Amith Basu says:

    Absolutely great work. The Shadows and Color Photographs are more stunning. Love Cuba Gallery in your website.

  4. Haggai Ben-Yehuda says:

    Gabi you are an artist

  5. Manasa says:

    Amazing work Gabi. Like your compositions, shadows, reflections. Great work.

  6. haviv says:

    Excellent work.
    Excellent photographer with a sharp eye and sensitive soul.

  7. Yuval Feder says:

    Gabi, it seems like street photography is part of your blood stream. all photos in B&W makes you wonder where were I and why I never see these in action when I walk down the street. Gabi, for sure, you are one of the best street photographers I have ever seen.

  8. Vadim Milavsky says:

    Very impressive ,interesting and enjoyable tour

  9. Great way to explore the world. Impressive work. Thanks for sharing.

  10. vardi says:

    I love your work. My husband is also a photographer but is still working in IT, hasn’t made the break yet.
    maybe you’d like to check out his photos @
    and maybe you can advise him on going professional.
    he studies photography more than 30 years ago and has a degree in it, but never wanted to do weddings and barmitzvahs.
    his name is David Jacobs, Melbourne, Australia.
    He’s super talented and very humble.
    Kol tuv,
    Vardi Jacobs

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