Powerful Portrait Photography by Brett Walker

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Intense and strong patterns of human stories encrypted in the shapes of various faces. Brett Walker has his unique style of portraying the lives of people, what has inspired him to capture these daunting portraits must be really spectacular. All these unique and bold faces, resemble each other and keep chanting a voice which seems to be unheard and arrests us with their mysterious or peculiar be it look or the body language itself.

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All the pictures in this post are copyrighted to Brett Walker. Their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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Powerful Portrait Photography by Brett Walker, 4.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings


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  1. Sananda says:

    Powerful Portraits. Breathtaking!!

  2. walts says:

    Strong emotions.. A Big Fan of your works.

  3. Betina La Plante says:

    Powerful portraiture which impact only grows the more you view it. Big big fan.

  4. Domnique says:

    Mindblowing work.

  5. Eddy Allart says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful portraits.
    Bravo Brett!!

  6. Diane Powers says:

    There’s this heightened sense of physicality and human emotion in a Brett Walker photograph. A photographer with a very defining point of view that can’t be duplicated. I truly admire his work.

  7. Victor Bezrukov says:

    i love how serious all these ppl !

  8. graciela maruri says:


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