These pictures are absolutely mesmerizing in all aspects of art, nature and yes the macro world. Colorful and fascinating world of macro takes you surprise in Sanae Matsuzaki’s pictures. Interesting and excellent use of frame space giving enough reason for her petals and sepals. Her understanding for colors and minute details of the flower world is interesting and makes us want to explore much greater possibilities in the world of macro.

These pictures with interesting colors and variations creates great variety to her portfolio. Bokehlicious photographs and about Sanae, she is a freelance photographer, who thinks “Words” and “Photographs” have the same spirit. Adding to that she quotes that, her pictures are made of poetry, philosophy, psychology, supernatural idea and spiritual feelings of typically Japanese.

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Macro Photography just like a beautiful poem by Lafugue Logos (Sanae Matsuzaki), 4.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings