Soulful photographs of countryside leisure time and portraits which are really hard to take out from our vision. Jib Peter produces such significant photographs which are highly emotive and chants a story in monochrome which is so pleasant to hear. The diptych’s here are nothing but dramatic screenplay of wild imagination. Jib is brilliant to catch hold of the imagination and creative concepts and make them into beautiful photographs.

Few words about Jib Peter?

Hey, I’m Jib PETER, I’m a French photographer, I live in Burgundy. I like mowing the lawn and cycling.

How did Photography happen to you in first place?

During a day of introduction to photography (shooting and processing) at primary school it became a dream and then an obsession, I was only 7. Maybe only because the photographer told me my photos were good. But I only started photography when I was 21.

How would you describe your style of photography?

It’s quite hard to tell, I have very few hindsight. Everything in my work is very personal. Personal ideas, places where I feel good, things and subjects I love… with the most spontaneity.

There is a typical blend of art and an uncanny silence in your pictures. How do you go about it?

I think I can achieve this naturally, without asking me questions, certainly because I like it.

Sorry to ask this, but why do you most often prefer to shoot monochrome?

I can’t really explain, I’ve always been very sensitive to B&W, maybe because there is no fluff. It’s also more difficult to date a B&W photography than a color one. I like this timeless feeling.

I must also admit that I feel less confident with color, it offers too many possibilities. I really admire photographers good at shooting in color.

For Jib, What is a good photograph and what does it take to produce one..?

For me, it’s clearly a picture which produces directly an emotion. Whatever the skill. I think that to achieve this, the photographer has to reveal a part of his/her personality in his/her pictures.

How do you achieve a perfect story well said inside a simple frame?

I think you must realize several tries, and not be afraid to try some ridiculous things. You must be very stubborn.

Your Inspiration?

The forest is a real source of inspiration, as well as music, films, news, and many portfolios from more or less famous photographers. I’m very curious.

Your gear?

A Hasselblad 503 Cxi with a 80mm ; a Nikon F5 with a 28mm, a 50mm, and a 85mm ; a Holga and a Leica Minilux.

Your future goals and ambitions?

I gathered a lot of ideas that I still couldn’t produce… then I hope I could travel.

Any final thoughts or words of advice for our young aspirants in this field?

Photography is a great experience, but you have to be passionate and prefer it to money, otherwise it could become a real ordeal.

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