It is an absolute trendsetter for the genre of fine-art photography. Lately there has been many wonderful photographers who take up fineart genre and amaze the world with their talent. Here we have Berta who is from Barcelona. Her pictures are spell bounding in relation to the depth and the feelings it conveys.

Here we bring you few answers from her with some wonderful pictures.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Berta, I’m eighteen and I live in a village near Barcelona. I started to take photos at the age of fourteen and I’m still, I still think in photography, taking photos, following other photographers’ work and writing or sketching photo ideas in my diary.

What fascinates you to capture these desired portraits?

Usually when I take a photo, it has born before in my mind, then it grows and keeps growing, molding its shape there, I imagine it, I visualize the final picture. Then, the last step is to capture it, to make it real, physical. Sometimes, the results are so far from my first idea, maybe for the light, the place, whatever… nevertheless, slowly you learn why it doesn’t work, thus it will be useful for another shot.

How do you achieve the soulfulness in your portraits?

I only catch what I see, what there is in front of me and what it seems, to me, photograph-able. When I am on portraits, the most important is the relationship with the person who is in front of the camera and me. They are often friends or relatives, close people most of the time. I love the relaxed atmosphere, also, I like joking and above all, I want that the person feels comfortable. If he or she is nervous, I prefer to stop and talk about any other thing or do something different.

What is your Inspiration?

I think that everything can inspire me. Music, people, places,… Anything, anybody who makes me feel alive, also inspire me.

Your Gear?

Canon 60D and 50mm f/1.4 lens. Also, I like using analog cameras. I have a Mamiya and a 35mm Yashica as well.

Your Tips and Advises for our reader and aspiring talents?

Think big, try to make real what you would love to do, make mistakes, you can learn more than you imagine from them. Carry your camera with you all the time, you never know what can happen. Don’t worry a lot about your gear, your camera will not tell you how to take a good photo, don’t rush. And the last thing, but the most important, ENJOY!, that’s one of the biggest things that photography can give you.

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