Film Photography at its very best, Esben Bøg Jensen shows us some brilliant examples of portraits filled with classic emotions all through his portfolio. The grains of film stock and the undying colors adds subtle feel of artistic brilliance to these pictures. Its interesting to find out his approach while shooting portraits, it seems to be more natural for him to shoot emotions. Listen to this interview which is really inspiring in all aspects. His idea of photography feeding his creativity and his answer for what is a good photograph will keep you thinking.

Esben Bog Jensen shoots film & reveals what is a good photograph

Could you Introduce yourself?

I’m a student at the University of Copenhagen where I attend The Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. I’m currently writing my thesis and will soon be done. Fingers crossed. Other than that I’m just a pretty average guy I believe. I have a huge passion for music though I don’t play myself, and enjoy a good movie as well. I try to read a lot too.

What makes Photography special to you & How has it changed you as a person?

I think/hope that it has made me more aware of the world around me! I like the small things in life that stand out and become much more when you think about it. That’s what I try to capture as well. There are so many different types of photography and they are all wonderful to me, and one day I’ll hopefully get to investigate and try them all. For now it’s all about me really. It’s a diary of my life and all that I hold dear. When I’m done with my thesis I’ll hopefully have more time to experiment and make some full-grown projects with a bit more depth. Not that what I do now don’t have that, but I do long to try different things. In that way photography has made me a more curious person – towards everything around me. And just being creative is very healthy – no matter what type of creativity you display. And I’m very happy photography has made me a creative human being.

What is a good photograph?

It’s whatever you want it to be. The French theorist Roland Barthes talks a lot about the winter photograph is his book Camera Lucida. It’s a photo of his mother in a winter garden. To us the photo holds no meaning. To him it’s everything. We never get to see the photo and some argue it doesn’t even exits. But he makes a great point. Everything is subjective to the individual. What means a lot to you might mean nothing to me.

I do however believe we are born with certain archetypes – like the ones Jung talks about – and that these appear in pretty much everything that we produce from the depths of our mind. It’s the reason I’m able to connect and understand when a photographer from Thailand takes photos of a completely different culture than mine. A good photograph resonates with all of us and it can come from anywhere.

Few words on the portraits you do?

Not much to say. I pretty much go with the flow of the situation and try to capture everything as it is. I don’t think I put much thought behind it. As long as the portrait is true to the situation we’re good.

How do you interact with your subject before a shoot, because these pictures are rocking with emotions?

I usually don’t do anything. The situation just arises and then it’s all about grabbing the camera as fast as you can. I almost only photograph my friends so I know them well and don’t have to say much more than “hey, look that way again and move a little closer”.

Your Gear & Inspiration?

My inspiration comes from anywhere – other photographers, music, movies and so on. Right now I’m really into Andrei Tarkovsky and he has definitely been a huge inspiration. Right now mainly use a Hasselblad 500 CM and a Canon 1v. But I also have an Olympus mju II as a quick point and shoot film camera. I use any film I can’t get my hands on. Whatever is cheapest I guess.

Any final words of advice for young aspirants here?

Don’t dwell to long on which camera to buy if you just getting into photography. It pretty much doesn’t matter. I’d also recommend looking through tons of professional photographers portfolios and website. Try to recreate your favorite photos and understand what makes them stand out. All the while bringing your camera with you everywhere and just shoot as much as you can.

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