Just like a frame out of a fictional movie, Ben Zank’s photography makes us to travel his path which has a lot to offer in terms of surprises, gloominess and absolute solitudeness. These pictures proves worthy over his state of mind, an interesting character. His series of images titled When words fail and the bigger picture are genial creations of human emotions with enriched creativity. At an age of 18, his entry into the photography itself is rather interesting. To gather more insight, let us hear it from the photographer himself..

Ben Zank - Creates stunning self portraits with his gift from grandmother's attic

Few words about you to our readers?

I really enjoy long bike rides in the summer. My favorite thing is to bike all the way down Manhattan to South Ferry and then get a grilled chicken sandwich while chilling in the park. Then I bike home, and by then I usually have a new idea.

How did photography happen to you & how did start doing self-portraits?

I found an old film camera in my grandmothers attic and fell in love with it. I didn’t start taking self-portraits for a long time after that. It was less that I wanted to photograph myself and more that I didn’t have anyone to do the crazy things I like to do.

Photographs are frozen moments & this becomes an instant truth with your stunning selfies. How do you plan them?

I rarely plan anything. My favorite part about photography is being spontaneous.

Few words on your projects, you have done so far?

Well, I did the 365 project which essentially changed my life. I don’t think I’d be where I am right now if I didn’t undertake it.

Your gear?

I have a canon 5D MK III and some prime lenses. Gear is only as good as the photographer though. Some of my favorite images to date were taken with a Nikon d90 and a very cheap zoom lens.

Your Inspiration?

I get inspiration from all corners of my life. It’s never just one thing.

Your future dreams & goals?

I’d like to be happy and do what I love.

For Ben, What does it take to create a self-portrait?

Would you help us with some Do’s & Don’ts I’d say the great thing about self-portraits is that there is no wrong way to take one. You’re the photographer, model, art director, stylist, production assistant, and unpaid intern. The only limit to what you can or can’t do is in your head.

Thank you for your time. Any final thoughts or words of advice for young aspirants?

Always a pleasure! As a young aspirant myself, I must stress the importance of persistence and ambition. If you put in the hard work to accomplish something, regardless of what it is, you will eventually succeed.

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