Inspiring Video Talks of Steve McCurry


This guy with the camera doesn’t need much of an introduction. Arguably the most famous photographer on earth, fascinates us with every piece of his work with photography. It becomes very compelling for any […]


Reflections in Photography – Tips & Examples


Photography constitutes both to art and science. We express everything through an art medium, which is then captured inside a camera, and works along to form a Photograph – the medium of science. It […]


Creative Abstract Photography by Ursula Abresch


1) An Introduction about you? I was born in Argentina. I grew up in both Argentina and Chile. I moved to the USA to attend university, and eventually moved permanently to Canada. I now […]


Sally Mann – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Sally Mann is an American Photographer, born in Virginia, 1951. After earning a B.A from the Hollins University, it is said she took up Photography with her motive to be alone in the darkroom […]


How To Become a Photojournalist – Tips by Zoriah


Zoriah is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries and publications. In this article, he is explaining “How to Become a Photojournalist”. Thanks for his […]


Hell Beneath Earth – Jharia Coal Mines by Sanjit Das


Documentary Project By : Sanjit Das Bokapahadi may be the closest you can find on Earth to the biblical vision of Hell. Coal fires rage just below the surface of the ground, making it […]


Elements of Composition – The Magic of Leading Lines


Guest Article By : Debashis Talukdar The use of leading lines in landscape photography is one of the simplest elements and often one of the most effective of drawing the eye of the viewer […]


Amazing Insect Photography by Uda Dennie


An introduction about you? My Name is Deni Alisputra and my familiar name is Uda Dennie, I am born in Bukittinggi (West Sumatera) and now living at Batam Island (Kepulauan Riau). I began taking […]


Window Lighting in Photography – Tips & Examples


One readily available natural light source irrespective of any other climatic factors and the one which doesn’t cost the photographer any extra bucks would definitely be the Window Lighting. Window lighting has always played […]


25 Extremely Creative and Bright Advertisements


Advertisements has become the major thing when it comes to any kind of business. There has always been various unique advertisements right from 18th century, which were  mere paper drawings but did turn out […]