Interview with Fine Art & Self-Portrait Photographer Alex Stoddard


Few words about yourself? I am 18 years old and currently living and working in Orange, California. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in a rural town in Georgia. What made you [...]


The Importance of Lines in Photography – An Overview with Superb Examples


Almost each one of us knew that geometric shapes forms a prime element in a Photograph. Here I have tried to magnify a little further into the likes of Lines in Photography. Their importance [...]


Showcase of the Week – Indian Street Photographer Suyog Gaidhani


Suyog Gaidhani works in the healthcare industry but spends his weekends pursuing his passion of street photography. His work has been featured in several exhibitions/publications and he has licensed his work for several international [...]


25 Best Entries of Joy of Smiling Photo Contest – Editor’s Choice


In our previous post, we have announced the Winner and 5 Honorable Mentions. In this post we have selected 25 Best Entries out of 1123 pictures in The Joy of Smiling Photo Contest. Pictures [...]


Joy of Smiling Photography Contest – The Winner and Honorable Mentions


Dear Photographers, The “Joy of Smiling” Photo Contest, we announced this month had some tremendous response! Yes to be statistically accurate, Out of 1123 entries to select a winner with 5 Honorable mentions would [...]


30 Most Shocking & Heart Touching Photographs Ever Made


There has always been Wars, Political Calamities and Natural Disasters over the centuries all over the world. This Post is something related to that. We bring you a great set of 30 Pictures which [...]


How to use Props in Portrait Photography – Useful Tips with Stunning Examples


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25 Great Pictures Celebrating the Joy of Childhood


The Joy of Childhood will always be a great remembrance even for the oldest of them all. Nothing to care about, so much to gather and share, arguably childhood remains the best stage of [...]


Interview with Documentary Photographer and Story Teller Ryan Lobo


Few words about yourself and your career as a documentary photographer? I am not too sure what I am. I make films, take photographs and write and I think all these “careers” if you [...]


Photo Story – The Epic River by Mohammad Moniruzzaman


Documentary Project By: Mohammad Moniruzzaman This is a story of intertwined fates. A saga of the inseparable bond between a river and its people. You have heard about the vastness of Amazon and rich [...]