Revolution – Student Power against Anarchism by Avinandan Sthanpati


A couple of weeks ago, a girl was molested and her boy friend was mercilessly beaten up by some students of Jadavpur University, Kolkata. But strangely, no action was taken against the culprits. a [...]


25 Most Useful Photography Cheat Sheets – Part1


Here we have collected some very useful Photography Cheat Sheets. I am sure, these diagrams will be very useful for beginners and amateur photographers. Click on the pictures for enlarged view. Exploring Your Camera’s [...]


Fred Herzog – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Fred Herzog was born in September 21, 1930 Stuttgart, Germany and then later moved to Vancouver, Canada. Initially he started as a medical photographer in the department of Bio-medical Communication and was taught at [...]


Finalists Of The 2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition


No wonder these pictures made the cut to the final level of the most incredible competition held on the field of wildlife photography. Every picture here is a story in itself, incredible composition with [...]


Understanding your Camera’s Histogram – Video Tutorial for Beginners


A simple and clear explanation about your Camera’s Histogram by John Greengo from CreativeLive. You can follow their channel here. John Greengo offers an easy-to-understand explanation of a camera’s histogram. The histogram represents the [...]


Kilian Schönberger – A Landscape Photographer from Germany creates Painting like Photographs


Highly delicate and astounding landscapes out of the cold blue and yellow sun. We have been wanting to catch hold of this magnificent photographer for quiet sometime for an interview and here we have [...]


Henri Cartier-Bresson talking about The Decisive Moment – Must Watch!!


I was watching this video again and again from last 2 days, hope you guys will get more inspiration from this master of photography. Henri Cartier-Bresson is considered to be the father of modern [...]


100 Photographers you should follow in Instagram


Here we have listed some amazing talented photographers in Instagram. Photographers displayed by Alphabetical order. Well if your count is right, we are 25 photographers short and would like you to find those 25 [...]


Long Exposure Photography by Scottish Fine Art photographer Gavin Dunbar


Landscape Photography doesn’t get much better when it comes down to being Long exposure style. Gavin Dunbar is a wonderful Photographer from Scotland who has reached a professional level in this genre. In this [...]


50 Mesmerising Nature Photographs you will fall in love with


Astonishing landscapes, stunning visuals from all around our globe. Landscape photographers at their personal best and we have certainly 50 hand picked magic photographs to be called as the mesmerising bunch of nature photographs [...]