Frozen Paradise – Fantastic Photographs from Kashmir Valley by Jayanta Roy


“If there be a paradise on the Earth, it is this, it is this, it is this… reads one of the verses coined by Firdaus, a poet in Mughal emperor Shahjahan’’s court, which praises […]


Weerapong Chaipuck – Incredible Travel Photographer From Thailand


Weerapong Chaipuck is an amazing Travel and Landscape photographer from Thailand. Looking at his work, it is hard to believe that he took up photography only after an early retirement from the medical profession. […]


How to Become a Freelance Photographer – 6 Amazing Tips


If you’ve got a point and shoot passion, why not turn the hobby you love into a job you love. Thanks to the wealth of social apps now available for image sharing such as […]


On the other side of the mind(less) by Avinandan Sthanpati


This particular narrative (or should I not call it a narrative at all) arises from the deep down things that I have been nurturing in that shady section of the mind every person has […]


35 Latest Free Lightroom Presets To Improve Your Post Processing


Adobe Lightroom is an incredible resource for photographs, making it possible to organize and process photos efficiently. The use of presets can make Lightroom’s develop module even more useful, as you can acheive a […]


Johan Jehlbo – Fantastic Flash Street Photographer From Sweden


Johan Jehlbo is a 38 year old wonderful street photographer from Sweden, he loves to capture streets with flash. He is also one of the founding member of Full Frontal (Flash Street Photographers Collective). […]


25 Stunning Environmental Portraits You Will Ever See – Part 2


Here is the Part 2 of Environmental Portraits Collection. Please check our Part 1 here. An Environment is something which is totally integrated with the physical and biological factors along with their own chemical […]


James Nachtwey on How Photography Can Change the World


World renowned Photojournalist and War Photographer James Nachtwey received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Magazine Editors for his 30 years of work. Watch this amazing video James Nachtwey acceptance speech […]


How to Clean Your DSLR Sensor and Mirror – A Video Tutorial


If you have DSLR camera, this tutorial you will learn about how to clean your DSLR camera sensor and mirror. We are sharing this helpful video tutorial from PhotographersOnUTube Channel. Watch and Enjoy. Watch […]


100 Flickr Best Entries Of January 2015


A Grand tribute to all our Flickr fans, who has been submitting their wonderful pictures to our group pool. We have decided to bring a post every month with some top pictures from our […]