Kilian Schönberger – A Landscape Photographer from Germany creates Painting like Photographs


Highly delicate and astounding landscapes out of the cold blue and yellow sun. We have been wanting to catch hold of this magnificent photographer for quiet sometime for an interview and here we have […]


Interview with Apratim Saha – People Photographer From India


Apratim Saha is a photographer who wants to travel to any place with thousands of people around. A die hard travel and street photographer his pictures are vibrant and very rich in all aspects […]


Interview with Nature Photographer Tejas Soni


A painter, sculptor, traveler and a great photographer. Tejas Soni is a multi talented artist from Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat, India. In his words, “A good image is like a migratory bird, it […]


Interview with Veteran Documentary Photographer Stephen Shames


Stephen Shames is one of the most powerful names in documentary photography. Stephen is a veteran American photojournalist who has been with his camera for more than 45 years now. His work has most […]


Interview with Siegfried Hansen – Veteran Street Photographer from Germany


Practically you have all the elements for a street photograph but then wait there is a huge amount of humor & brilliance, every picture has a story to be told, creating a curiosity and […]


Interview with Claude Renault – Veteran Street Photographer from France


Incomparable passion which keeps adhering to his artistic capabilities over the years, Claude Renault from France had been quite surprised by the vibrancy and diversified people this land of India has got to offer […]


Impressive Interview with Srinivasan, A doctor who turned out to be an amazing wildlife photographer


Quite surprisingly atleast for us, a doctor is found to carry huge bazooka lenses in the wildest forests you will ever imagine. His pictures are certainly story telling and makes you feel in the […]


A Silent Voice through Art & Photography – Interview with Zewar Fadhil


Art and Photography binds well and expresses numerous emotions through the works of Zewar Fadhil. Meet a very talented Fine-art Photographer from Iraq, who rejoices and speaks within to produce some of the strongest […]


Interview with Travel & Street Photographer Mark Carey


Straightforward and simple answers just like his pictures, meet Mark Carey, a london based photographer who has a wonderful vision and taste for street photography. In this Interview with, he expresses himself towards […]


Interview with Fine Art Photographer Lori Vrba


Simple Poetry carved with her camera, Lori Vrba produces these scintillating monochromatic pictures which are hard to take out from our minds. These photographs keeps ringing again and again for the depth they have […]


Interview with Street Photographer Peter Kool


Peter Kool keeps it quiet simple, be it his words or his street photographs. At times these photographs make us wonder how cool and simple street photography may be. There is this delicate Peter […]


Interview with Fine Art Photographer Martin Stranka


Martin Stranka has been more than a distinctive photographer, his unique and surreal vision for photography had made him do wonders. He loves to capture the state of mind existing between the dreaming and […]


Interview with Nature Photographer Alex Saberi


Stunning nature bound fauna shots by Alex Saberi. One could not stop thinking how surreal this light can play infact mesmerizing the beauty of a scene. Adding more drama and vision in every picture […]


Interview with Wildlife Photographer Morkel Erasmus


Listen to Morkel Erasmus as he passionately speaks about his journey as a wildlife photographer, words on advice and some fascinating experiences he had encountered over the years. His answers are at the right […]


Interview with Nature Photographer Marsel van Oosten


Extremely talented and passionate nature photographer Marsel Van Oosten speaks on his photography stints, Journey as a photographer and some valuable lessons on being the one and much more. His love for nature and […]


Interview with Wildlife Photographer Frits Hoogendijk


Hear it from one of the finest of finest wildlife photographer Frits Hoogendijk. His thoughts on capturing the mood of the nature, the very necessity for him to choose this genre of photography and […]


Interview with Documentary Photographer Yannick Cormier


How did you start Photography, what made you to get your hands on Photo Journalism & Documentary? Even though I was always interested in the visual arts, (cinema and painting), throughout my childhood; it […]


Interview with Landscape Photographer Chip Phillips


It is pretty impossible not to fall in love with these landscapes. Valleys of dream and scapes of paradise, and it does takes ample time to believe the beauty of earth through these brilliant […]


Interview with Street Photographer Kaushal Parikh


Kaushal Parikh, a travel and documentary photographer hailing from Mumbai. His Pictures are simple yet classy. They offer us a story to be listened and in every frame of Kaushal’s one can sense the […]


25 Inspiring Photography Interviews in 2012


Day for the Best Interviews of this year. 25 great personalities in the field of photography, different genres but Inspiration and words of experience & guidance will always remain the same in any genre […]


Interview with Street Photographer Umberto Verdoliva


This time We have discovered a fantastic Street Photographer from Italy, whose pictures are perfect example for street photography. A Subtle Poetry between light and shadows, a masterclass vision in choosing the subjects on […]


Interview with Street Photographer Rui Palha


Rui Palha’s Pictures have an unique sense of light and a great mood of solitudeness. Wonderful monochrome pictures with extremely good aesthetics and light over the field of empty streets speak like a mild […]


Interview with Photojournalist Arindam Mukherjee


About you and photography? Photography is everything to me. I know that’s a big thing to say. Truth is I spend most of my time with photography. Either I am taking photos or reading […]


Interview with Travel Photographer Marji Lang


Few words about yourself? My name is Marji Lang. I‘m from France and currently based in Paris. My work focuses mostly on human condition through various angles such as daily life, religion, specific events, […]


Interview with Shlomi Nissim


Few words about yourself I am a 39 year old photographer from Israel, married with a year old baby girl. I started to photograph at the age of 12 and definitely working in photography […]


Interview with Nature Photographer Ian Plant


An Introduction about you I’m a full-time professional nature photographer. My photographs have appeared in a number of books, calendars, and magazines, including Outdoor Photographer and Popular Photography. I also write a regular blog […]


Interview with Bird Photographer Fabs Forns


Few words about you and Photography? After dabbling in other creative activities as oil painting, music and writing, I finally found photography to be my big passion. A relative latecomer to the art, my […]


Interview with Street Photographer Yanidel


Yanidel is a famous Street Photographer, currently living in Switzerland. Here we got a great opportunity to chat with him. Hope you guys will really enjoy this interview. Thanks to Yanick for his wonderful […]


Interview with Travel Photographer Gavin Gough


Gavin Gough is a well known independent, freelance travel photographer. He founded Bangkok Photo School, which offers several classes and workshops. Here we bring you an amazing interview along with some of his photographs. An […]


Interview with Prashant Godbole


Prashant Godbole is a well known Indian Photographer. He began his career in Ad agency and his photographs are simple, minimalistic and very artistic. Here we bring you an amazing interview along with his […]


Interview with Documentary and War Photographer Zoriah


Zoriah is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries and publications. Here we bring you an exciting interview along with some of his photographs. Guys, […]


Interview with Indian Street Photographer Chirodeep Chaudhuri


About you and your journey as a Photographer? My introduction to photography was purely accidental. In the early 1990s the pavement booksellers still used to be around Flora Fountain in Bombay and I used […]


Interview with Fine Art & Self-Portrait Photographer Alex Stoddard


Few words about yourself? I am 18 years old and currently living and working in Orange, California. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in a rural town in Georgia. What made you […]


Interview with Documentary Photographer and Story Teller Ryan Lobo


Few words about yourself and your career as a documentary photographer? I am not too sure what I am. I make films, take photographs and write and I think all these “careers” if you […]


Interview with Wildlife Photographer Marina Cano


Marina Cano is one of those finest wildlife photographer today, known for her vivid display of wildlife excellence with a great touch of art. As we all know wildlife photography is one of those […]


Interview with Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard


What made you choose Street Photography? I was always interested in humanity, but not in fashion, beauty and “posed” photography. When I was in Beijing 4 years ago I figured out that there is […]


Interview with Documentary Photographer GMB Akash


Few Words on You and Photography? To underline our lives, our awareness, I persist to treasure and poke the ‘spinal chord’ of the world, by transforming sufferings into photographs. For me Photography is my […]


Interview with Fine Art Photographer Cole Thompson


An Introduction about you I grew up moving around the United States, my father was in the Air Force and so we never stayed in one place for very long. We finally settled in […]


Interview with Indian Street Photographer Prateek Dubey


Hi Prateek, can you please introduce yourself? I am an inquisitive person. I want to know about everything, whether it is about the human heart or a jet engine, a car’s exhaust or the […]


Interview with Travel and Documentary Photographer Jeremy Horner


Nomadic by nature, and as a qualified geologist, Jeremy wandered into the Himalaya in 1987, teaching himself photography. His work from the Nepali Himalaya was immediately published in Hong Kong to high acclaim, thus […]


Interview with Landscape Photographer Krzysztof Browko


I’m 38 and I live in Opole (Poland). I make my living as an IT specialist. Photography is my passion which helps me not only to break from daily routine but also to stop […]


Interview with Landscape Photographer Pawel Klarecki


Hi Pawel, can you please introduce yourself? I was born in 1982, I come from Poland where I grew up and spent most of my life. Few years ago I had left my country […]


Interview with Photojournalist Altaf Qadri


I am a self-taught Kashmiri photojournalist born in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian administered Kashmir. I have studied science at Kashmir University and began my working life as a computer engineer before I […]


Interview with Photojournalist William DeShazer


William DeShazer is a Photojournalist currently working for the Chicago Tribune. He graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2007 with a degree in Photojournalism. William has held internships with The Idaho Statesman, The Flint […]


Interview with Nature & Wildlife Photographer Ganesh H. Shankar


How did you first get into photography? I was born and brought up in a remote village close to jungles and my love for nature is by birth. That took the shape of nature […]


Interview with Documentary Photographer Sanjit Das


Hi Sanjit, can you please introduce yourself. I am a self-taught Indian photographer living between two Asian cities – New Delhi and Kuala Lumpur and I mainly work on stories worldwide. My keen interest […]


Interview with Fine Art Photographer ReD Ognita


A Small Introduction about you I am ReD Ognita. Born in Manila. Pinoy based in Beijing. Adviser of POP-Beijing. What is your approach towards photography? We all have different ways in approaching photography. For […]


Interview with Documentary Photographer Robin Hammond


A Small Introduction about you My name is Robin Hammond. I ‘m from New Zealand but currently based in South Africa. My work focuses mostly on human rights issues. What is photography to you? […]


Interview with Barb Uil from Jinky Art Photography


Hi Barb, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? Thanks so much for asking me, Im thrilled. I’m from Australia, […]


Interview with Tony from Hoffer Photography


Hi Tony, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? Thanks! I’m glad to be here. I’m Tony Hoffer and I […]


Interview with Professional Photographer Keri Meyers


It’s a great pleasure for me to interview Keri. She was very busy with her assignments, but still she spent some time for us. Thanks a lot Keri from 121 Clicks. Hi Keri, Welcome […]


Interview with Artistic Photographer Stefan Soell


Hi Stefan, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? I am a Professional Artistic Photographer, living in South Germany at […]


Interview with Commercial Photographer Rocco Ceselin


Hi Rocco, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? Hi guys, I’m from Italy and I’ve been residing in Los […]


Interview with Alyona from The True Illusion Art & Projects Studio


Hi Alyona, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? Hi! I’m from Moscow. You should know it’s extremely cold, extremely […]


Interview with Dan from McClanahan Studio


Hi Dan, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? Salutations! I’m from Ames, IA and run McClanahan Studio with my […]


Interview with Self Portrait Photographer Anna Gay


Hi Anna, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? I am from Atlanta, GA, United States. I first started photography […]


Interview with Wedding and Portrait Photographer Jessica Kripp


Hi Jess, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? I am located in Downingtown Pennsylvania and grew up in West […]


Interview with Digital Art Photographer Chris Dessaigne


Hi Chris, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in Photography? I live in the south of France, on the sunny Mediterranean […]


Interview with Wedding and Commercial Photographer Amar Ramesh


Hi Amar, Welcome to 121 Clicks. Please Introuce yourself. My name is Amar Ramesh. Half my focus is wedding photography and the other half art for commercial spaces. I shoot weddings all over India […]


Interview with Documentary Photographer M R Hasan


Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a professional photographer based in Bangladesh, currently doing a “Fellowship” in Photojournalism at Asian Centre for Journalism (ACFJ), Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. He previously studied in “Film & Video […]


Interview with Wildlife photographer Rathika Ramasamy


Rathika Ramasamy is a well known Wildlife Photographer based in New Delhi, India. She is a computer engineer with an MBA, she has been to nature photography for last eight years. She is passionate […]


Interview with Roni River


I’ve been a fan of Roni River on Flickr for a long time. Her style of strongly emotive Portrait and Nude Photography always appealed to me strongly. She manages to capture the essence and […]


Interview with Shirren Lim


Shirren Lim started out photography like many people do. But her touching stories and excellent photography played her stands out. This is first 121 Clicks interview with a talented photographer so make sure to […]