In both life and photography, the simplicity is very important. Life simplification techniques can also easily apply to your photography. If you observe that most unsuccessful photographs fail because they are too complicated. The photographer is unable to tell his thoughts clearly, and the resulting photograph illustrates his uncertainty and lack of direction.

Here in photography, the simplicity will apply for both compositionally and subjectively. Simplicity is nothing but eliminates the unnecessary things, so the main subject will speak more. The frame should be more clean, minimal and simple.

Simple Tips for Simplicity

  • Simplicity is not a physical attribute, it’s a concept. You must understand this.
  • When you’re out for shooting… expect nothing, be prepared for everything.
  • Always take a simple approach to your gear. The more you’re thinking about gear, the less you can think about the picture.
  • Choose one specific subject and think how many ways you can explore that from your camera.
  • Close to your subject, exclude the unwanted things as much as possible in your frame.
  • Choose subjects wisely those really make your photograph stronger.
  • If you want to include environmental backgrounds in your frame try to keep it as uncluttered, make it simple and neat.
  • Always observe how to use Shapes and Patterns in your photographs
  • Place your subject against a neutral background, use negative space wisely.
  • Be strong in your simplicity and you’ll see the difference in your photography.


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