Here is the Part 2 of Environmental Portraits Collection. Please check our Part 1 here.

An Environment is something which is totally integrated with the physical and biological factors along with their own chemical interactions which further forms to serve any form of living. So what does it have to do with the word Environmental Portrait – in simpler terms any portrait which gets us to know about the life terms, their physical and biological interactions with the local ecology, showing their nativity can be called as an Environmental Portrait.

All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their collections or their personal sites.

Dona Flor de Maio, Comunidade Raiz - MG
Photo Credit: Ana Caroline de Lima


color of life
Photo Credit: Mohammad Rokonuzzaman khan


Tarpa pour le concours j'aime le voyage
Photo Credit: Anne


Old lady making kadak tea , Munnar-Kerala
Photo Credit: Firossyed


Boy and Girl
Photo Credit: Ethika Rahman


Cleaning up her house in Jaisalmer. Rajasthan
Photo Credit: Claude Renault


Mother & Daughter
Photo Credit: Manish Lakhani


Photo Credit: Leonid Plotkin


Photo Credit: Istvan Kadar


Sundry shopkeeper--Kanas Village , Uyghur Autonomous Region , China
Photo Credit: C.K. NG


Morning scene - Varanasi, India
Photo Credit: Maciej Dakowicz


Photo Credit: François-Régis Durand


Rajasthan Views
Photo Credit: Lal Nallath


Bus ride, Mandu
Photo Credit: Marji Lang


Retrato do meu pai aos 97 anos
Photo Credit: Eduardo Gontijo


Photo Credit: Joey L


Painting. Kuldhara
Photo Credit: Claire Pismont


Eyes enough to talk
Photo Credit: Abd Al Rahman Al Terkit


The Window Seat - Agra Fort Railway Station, India
Photo Credit: Ashok Saravanan .Ay


Photo Credit: Jeremy Snell


woman in the mirror during the pushkar mela
Photo Credit: Anthony Pappone


Burkina Faso
Photo Credit: Eric Montfort


Dani tribe warrior, West Papua, Indonesia. by Joel Santos
Photo Credit: Joel Santos


Ulingan (Charcoal factory), Tondo - Charcoal boy
Photo Credit: Mio Cade


Photo Credit: Poonam Parihar


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