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Portraits: After The Shot – Master Post Production and Workflow


Here is an another amazing eBook from DPS about Post Production and Workflow for Portraits. Yesterday, I grab my copy and really enjoyed it, they even provide 12 Lightroom Presets to keep forever. Post […]


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25 Most Useful Photography Cheat Sheets – Part1


Here we have collected some very useful Photography Cheat Sheets. I am sure, these diagrams will be very useful for beginners and amateur photographers. Click on the pictures for enlarged view. Exploring Your Camera’s […]


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Creative Retouching Essentials In A Day eBook – Get 50% Off!!


This interactive eBook is for you if you are beginning your journey into the professional Beauty & Portrait photography retouching world. You don’t need to waste your time learning all the tools and panels […]


To be Honest with Photography by Sudarshan Mondal


I love photography and capture anything that makes sense to me. I do not classify or attach myself with a particular genre because for me it does not exist or perhaps I have not […]


Siddharthan Raman shows why he rates his 28mm above most of the celebrated prime lenses


Not many appreciated or agreed to the fact for me going to buy a 28mm lens for my crop sensor camera. I did some basic study on internet but then the reviews had its […]


Joy of Street Photography by Vineet Vohra


“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali These are words I always keep in mind when shooting on the streets. We all chase perfection with our photography, knowing […]


3 Great Portrait Photography Ebooks, 1 Amazing Price – Get 40% Discount Today!!


Great deal with 3 amazing Portrait Photography Ebooks. You will get 40% discount if you order today. Don’t miss it. Please check the more details below. Making The Shot Say Goodbye to Dull and […]


5 Questions to ask yourself before pressing that shutter


The Decisive moment, a split second for capturing the ultimate moment, that spontaneous reaction within you to pull the trigger, whatever you may call it, the bottom line remains the same. That act of […]


Digital Photo Retouching: Beauty, Fashion & Portrait Photography eBook by Julia Kuzmenko McKim


Nothing is perfect, You will agree to this fact blindly if you are shooting digital. To achieve perfection and to transform your photograph into something beyond a mediocre picture, making it to feel better […]


Transcending Travel – A guide to captivating travel photography


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It took me several months to a year to figure out how only few Photographers could pull out some of the most beautiful photographs of the Birds. The interesting and more intriguing fact was […]


How to use Reverse Ring and Extension Tube for Macro Photography


Hello Everyone, this Soumya Sumitra Behera (shortly call me SouSuBe) an enthusiastic budding photographer from the French Heritage town of Pondicherry. And here I would like to give you an small introduction and tutorial […]


Getting the Layers Right in Street Photography by Vineet Vohra


After shooting with the Fujifilm XT-1 for about a month now, I can easily say that it has given me the magical powers of invisibility. It’s so compact and the shutter is as quiet […]


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Do you love Landscape Photography? Here we have an amazing ebook to take captivating photos of the world around you. From this ebook you will learn how to simplify the process of making engaging […]


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We are sharing this tutorial from DigitalRev TV. Follow this Youtube Video Channel for amazing photography tips. Very interesting street walk and practical tips with Kai W. I am sure, after watching this video […]


An Ultimate Ebook for Mastering the Art of Composition by Ian Plant


What makes a great photograph? Is there any one aspect of the process which separates the merely good from the truly magnificent? Many candidates immediately spring to mind, such as subject matter, light, mood, […]


Going Pro – How to make money through your photography


Here is an another amazing Ebook from DPS by Kelly Kingman. If you want make money through your photography, you should read this book to start. From Going Pro Kit, you will get 3 […]


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Click! – How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids


Here we are introducing an another amazing Ebook from DPS. In this Ebook, there are 7 chapters (Think, Prepare, Smile, Refine, Research, Push and Look) to take Beautiful Photos of your Kids. This inspirational […]


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Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners: Tips for Street Photography


We are sharing this tutorial from Jarden Polin. These tips will be very useful for aspiring street photographers. From this tutorial you will understand how to balance exposure, contrast, colors, B&W conversion and more. […]


Portraits: Striking the Pose – An Ultimate Ebook by DPS


An another Ultimate Ebook for Portrait Photography from DPS. I am sure this material would be very helpful for aspiring photographers. Posing is something that can make or break a portrait. Do it badly […]


Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners: Backlit Portrait Editing


We are sharing this tutorial from Lightroomzen. Very quick and effective editing for Backlit Portrait. Enjoy this Tutorial. Tips for dealing with backlighting and general portrait retouching.   Please check our previous related articles: […]


5 things to keep in mind if you are planning to quit your job for photography


More often that not, We come across people who quit their existing job in the hope of starting a lucrative career in photography. On a positive note, this sounds wonderful but how practical can […]


Loving Landscapes – A Guide to Landscape Photography Workflow and Post-Processing by DPS


Yet another amazing Ebook from DPS for Landscape Photography. If you’ve ever been frustrated that the landscape photos from your camera don’t portray the magical scenes you witnessed, then this is eBook will open up […]


Being a Successful Wedding Photographer – Tips and Video Tutorials


Wedding Photography is no rocket science these days but the toughest part in nailing this interesting genre of photography is understanding the art of survival and channelizing your vision in a most positive and […]


Natural Light – Mastering a Photographer’s Most Powerful Tool by DPS


Nothing can beat Natural light when it comes to shooting absolutely incredible photographs. Light is the most essential component and a powerful phenomenon in arresting the ambiance, here in this spectacular photo book Mitchell […]


5 Brilliant tips to fight your fear in Street Photography


Street Photography may sound pretty simple for the outsiders & it may seem a very ordinary and easiest genre to produce good photographs. But the starring truth will hit you quiet strong when you […]


Captivating Color – A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography by DPS


Vibrant and incredible colors both arresting and spilling out the atmosphere of the photograph. To know that curios secret from a wonderful photographer is definitely worth. Mitchell Kanashkevich shares his simple but effective techniques on […]


30 Most Iconic Pictures & their deep insight analyzed


How would it feel to look deeply at some of the grand works from our masters of photography. Analyzing these iconic pictures would be scintillating in all forms, to appreciate such wonderful photographs which […]


How to Shoot a Wedding Venue in Low Light


Guest Article by: Abhinav Jain The toughest part of shooting a wedding is to struggle with artificial lighting. If it’s an outdoor venue, you can rely on natural light. But when the reception is […]


Understanding Exposure: Perfect Exposure on your EOS Camera – An Ebook by Andrew S Gibson


Even as an experienced photographer there are still times when I get the exposure wrong. It’s easy to forget the basics and assume that the exposure is correct instead of actually checking to make […]


An Interesting article to guide you about Image Storage in Digital Photography


Ever imagined how/where to save your most fascinating & hard worked digital photographs. And we must mention this, today’s digital world has enhanced the megapixels meaning more image size to your RAW image files. […]


Digital Photography Workflow – Any Professional Photographer’s practice


Brushing up our basics never harms us, since it gives us an incredible insight towards what makes us the photographer and much beyond. There always has to be a certain breakdown for any complex […]


Siddharthan Raman reveals how a 50mm Lens changed his idea of Photography


I am Siddharthan Raman, a passionate people & street photographer. My perception towards photography has always been that a good photograph is a good surprise. I love to shoot the theme of humanity, ideas […]


Mastering Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Digital Cameras – Ebook by Andrew S Gibson


Amongst numerous aspiring photographers and art enthuthiasts out there, not many would have crossed the age of being an amateur without any stumbles. Need to say this especially when it comes to handling any […]


3 Simple steps to capture the magic, An Interesting article by Jennifer McCarren


Kids at their sublime beauty with the mood highly lit for an interesting photo shoot, Jennifer McCarren makes the scene much happier through seperate bonding with the kids and the tool in her mind […]


10 Tips to Capture Amazing Photographs of Birds in Flight


Birds in flight is probably the most sought after type of bird photography. Who do not wants to photograph birds in flight! Today you will learn top 10 tips that will help you capture […]


Powerful Imagery: The Photographer’s Insight – An Ebook By Mitchell Kanashkevich


Until sometime, it had never been a trend for famous photographers and pro’s to share their winning formula, show their before and afters, most valuable contact sheets, and some insight into the on field […]


Top 25 Positive Photography Tutorials of 2013 – A Genial Roundup


Tutorials no matter what genre they represent, had always earned warm applause from our readers. Interesting how to’s and realistic tips  for any photographer had been our motto behind writing these tutorials. In a […]


5 simple steps in photographing fireworks which will give you sparkling results


I’ve been photographing fireworks for several years now. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve gotten to a point where I am quite comfortable of being able to pull of good fireworks images […]


30 Tips and Tricks for Portrait Photography by Neil Creek


Neil Creek has just published his new ebook 30 Tips and Tricks for Portrait Photography which is a distillation of his experience shooting portraits into wisdom that you can apply to your photo shoots […]


How to choose the right tripod for your kind of photography


Wondering how to choose right tripod from vast collection available in the market. Given many choices about choosing a tripod, the major factors for consideration are: What kind of gear it should support? How […]


4 great factors to consider while shooting low light photography


Calculating and exposing your sensor to the likes of low light is definitely going to be a daunting task. Many a time, We the photographers must have erred in capturing those unique moments just […]


10 Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers

amateur_wedding Photography_thumb

Guest Article by: Marcela De Vivo A wedding is an important event in a couple’s lives, and if you’re in charge of taking pictures of the big day, you’ll want to capture the excitement of […]


How to achieve that perfect portrait – Effective tips with Brilliant Examples


A Portrait from your portfolio is more or less solid in determining the character and vision of you the photographer. Shooting a good portrait is no easy task for even the professionals, one may […]


Top 5 Reasons to have a 85mm Lens – Tips & Examples


When you want to pick a better lens for portraits and portrait photography it definitely and most arguably needs to be a 85mm lens. This lens tends to be the best lens showing us […]


5 Ultimate Reasons Why Photography is Meditation


What does Photography got to offer a photographer, does it make him meditate through a particular medium, enabling him to drop everything before and after that particular moment. Primarily, a photographer is someone who […]


4 Prime reasons to own a 50mm Lens – Tips & Examples


50mm would arguably be the first lens you would love and long to have in your asset bag. Making people wonder what makes this lens such a special one to have on your camera. […]


Analyzing the Iconic Pictures – Part 4


To Continue with our last post, this is yet another breakdown of groundbreaking work from our masters of photography. Analyzing some iconic photographs would be one of interesting aspects of photography, for it provides […]


Artistic Comparison – Elements of Nature and Photography


The Elements of Nature are primarily responsible for every single atom / organism present in this Universe. Plato was the first person to ever use the term “Element” in order to represent Air, Fire, […]


Everything about Fashion Photography Tips, Tutorials And Videos


Pursuing in the field of fashion photography is no easy task. It might seem a job full of freedom and ease but that is not the case. Various techniques and coping up with the […]


Elevating yourself – 5 amazing tips for any photographer


Every artist goes through this specific period in their art life, the phase where magic keeps working for them. Shining with every piece of work they produce and heaps of praises warming them time […]


Do you really need a Digital SLR Camera?


One of the interesting article from our ardent follower and wonderful photographer Shams Sourav. In this post, he underlines how important is gear for a photographer, does owning a high end camera promise a […]


Kids Photography – Super Tips & Ultimate Examples


So much of bubbling energy and pure spirits, every kid is unique in their own way and do have an eternity towards creativity. Language of innocence and to capture kids on their own ground […]


Everything about Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure


We thought of bringing something grand for all the beginners and amateurs of photography out there. An article which can make an amateur know about the prime elements of photography and stuff inside his […]


Effectively Incorporating Light Flares in Your Photos


Guest Article by:  Gughan Bose Light Flares are often undesirable, as they reduce the overall contrast of the photo. One of the uses of lens hoods is to eliminate flares. Although they are undesirable […]


Shooting a Street Portrait – 5 Must Read Tips


A Portrait from your portfolio is more or less  solid to determine the character and vision of you the photographer. Shooting a good portrait is no easy task for even the professionals, one may […]


Valeni, A Village in Romania by Mark Carey


Pictures from a wonderful countryside, Mark Carey shows his astounding vision towards photography through his monochromatic pictures. The empty streets, and the silence within those houses and serenity inside the faces makes us feel […]


Capturing the Soulful Portrait – Amazing Tips & Examples


To shoot a portrait is to capture the essence of the person, the story of their life, their livelihood and a substantial emotion within the photograph.  For instance, we come across numerous faces everyday […]


How to Win Photo Competitions – Top 5 Secrets


Being a creative artist itself is a fantastic solution for all those chaos surrounding our mechanical life. Creating something gives an immense satisfaction and fills the emptiness within us. There are times any artist […]


Some Useful Tips for Doll Photography


Guest Article by Yon Raulf Doll photography- still a not-so-famous genre. If you are a doll photographer, you must would have experienced how long does it take to explain to others what is doll […]


What It Takes To Become a Professional Photographer


Guest Article by Jamie King Are you interested in a career in photography? Of course you are (why else would you be reading this). Becoming a pro photographer isn’t as complex as you might […]


Improvising Photography through Cinema – An Interesting Study


Learning will always be a constant process with endless surprises while fresh creations from our fellow artists paves way for every possibility of reconciling and enriching our own world. Presently Photography is going through […]


New Time Lapse Video – Melbourne like you have never seen before


Melbourne based photographer Debashis Talukdar spent 18 months capturing this time-lapse video of his home city. This 4-minute-and-10-second video is made from over 13,000 images that were all individually shot with a Canon 5D […]


Product Photography Tips, Tutorials And Videos


To sell a product is to convince the consumer, it may be through any master tactic ranging from a super cool logo to a catchy photograph. Here in this post of ours we wanted […]


Creating the Best Black & White Picture – Ultimate Tips & Examples


Producing Black & White pictures has always been the real aura for any photographer. There has been many instances depicting the importance and significance in creating a monochrome photograph. And arguably there are many […]


Minimalism in Street Photography – Color Collection

by adminInspirations, Tutorials Comments Off on Minimalism in Street Photography – Color Collection

Minimalism in Street Photography is an interesting concept and a simple shortcut in taking your photography to the next level. Composition is of-course the everything when approaching a minimal shot, various elements are taken […]


Do’s and Don’ts on a Street PhotoWalk


Street Photography definitely doesn’t need much of an introduction. Almost every photographer today would have tried his luck in this evergreen and interesting genre of photography. When we analyze little detailed into the aspects […]


Capturing the Light – Ultimate Tips and Examples


Having derived from the Greek word Phot-Light & graphos-drawing, light drawing should it be called for the significance of radiance in the art of photography. A great amount of practice and a sense of […]


6 Simple Tips to be a Famous Photographer


Either to go by the theory of relativity or to bind and accept the basic law of human desire, it is almost impossible not to expect fame from our creations. By all means it […]


Bird Photography Tips, Tutorials And Videos


Little chirps and beautiful wings, one can hardly not fall in love with these wonderful creations of nature. Birds will always be a boon to photographers, the delicate moments filled with joy and a […]


Analyzing the Iconic Pictures – Part 3


To Continue with our last post, this is yet another breakdown of groundbreaking work from our masters of photography. Analyzing some iconic photographs would be one of interesting aspects of photography, for it provides […]


5 Mistakes to avoid being a Photographer


Being a Photographer has some fantastic merits, the happiness in creating something which you haven’t experienced anytime in the past. The sudden praises you receive, the questions on how do you achieve this and […]


5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography


Humans have always been excited to look into and admire the shapes and variations inside a face be it on a mirror or the other side of it. Photographing the faces with emotions and […]


Analyzing the Iconic Pictures – Part 2


To form a series and on seeing your good support on our previous post we bring you this yet another post on analyzing the great pictures from our masters of photography. Analyzing some iconic […]


Analyzing the Iconic Pictures – Part 1


This time around we have decided to breakdown some groundbreaking work from our masters of photography. Analyzing some iconic photographs would be one of interesting aspects of photography, for it provides an in-depth analysis and idea to all […]


Long Exposure Photography Tips, Tutorials And Videos


A Great deal of Long Exposure Photography tips collected specially for our 121 fans. Shooting long exposure in no more a haunting task for any landscape or fine-art photographer. Go through these splendid tutorials […]


Interview with Landscape Photographer Chip Phillips


It is pretty impossible not to fall in love with these landscapes. Valleys of dream and scapes of paradise, and it does takes ample time to believe the beauty of earth through these brilliant […]


The Art of Publishing – Tips & Examples


Every artist entitled to be the creator should definitely understand the concept behind the term publishing. Not many of our wonderful artists today appreciate or follow this term which eventually leads to a downfall […]


Being the Best Travel Photographer – Tips & Examples


Travel Photography is arguably one of the most enchanting genres of photography. There are always a variety of scope, when one goes onto travel this world. Every place we visit is unique for the […]


Shooting the Strangers – Tips & Examples


Shooting the strangers is one of the great thrills a street or travel photographer would look forward to. The faces which are uncommon, provoking a sudden response within you, unique and sharp features inside […]


How to be a Happy Photographer – Interesting Tips


To presume any form of art is to gain a kind of constant flow of energy on to our system and above all convert that energy into happiness. For Instance in Photography, how does […]


Shooting the Decisive Moment – Ultimate Tips & Examples


“There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition […]


10 Simple Steps to Mastering Composition by Ian Plant


Ian Plant, a Professional Landscape Photographer speaks about some useful and easy steps in Mastering the Art of Composition in this wonderful Tutorial. Feel free to explore more from his pictures and get inspired. […]


Essentials for Post Processing in Photography


Right from the early stages of photography, Post Processing is an essential word for its wonderful phenomenon in creating a photographic masterpiece. In the art of Photography, many photographers have mastered this art of […]


Top 3 Prime Lenses every photographer should have


First up what is a Prime lens, a lens with a fixed focal length having a wonderful sensitivity to low light is the one. Taking into consideration the built quality or even avoiding them, […]


Photojournalism Tips, Techniques and Tutorials


Every bit of art is an ongoing and ever learning process. Photography doesn’t bother to fail or fall away from this plot. A Successful artist is a constant learner, learning from his previous mistakes […]


Wide Angle Photography – An Introduction with Stunning Examples


Wide angle photography is one of the most powerful aspects in photography. Naturally it tends to increase the friction between you the photographer and the scene, along with the elements and objects inside the […]


Pets Photography – Tips & Examples


Guest Article by: Shabnam Photographing pets is a rather challenging and rewarding task. It is truly a delight to capture pets in the frame. We all love pets and they have become an integral […]


A Divine Fusion on Music & Photography – An Interesting Article


When we understand that sound is nothing but vibrations all around created using crafted instruments or any sensual instrument. It becomes even more compelling for us to compare it with Photography, to be precise […]


5 things to do on a Street for Every Street Photographer


Street Photography has always been a great sensation, compared to other genres of photography. It provides the ease for any beginner into photography, further one need not study too much or invest on costlier […]


Landscape Photography Tips, Tutorials and Videos


Landscape photography is a fantastic genre of photography not just for being there on different parts of the world, various colors, never ending abundance of nature with dramatic light all around the year. It […]


What is An Environmental Portrait – Tips & Examples


An Environment is something which is totally integrated with the physical and biological factors along with their own chemical interactions which further forms to serve any form of living. So what does it have […]


The Art of Being a Performing Arts Photographer


Guest Article by: Mark Denad There are many different types of photography being practiced today. However, one of the most exciting, difficult and dynamic areas within the field of photography is that of performing […]


101 for Fashion Photography – Tips & Examples


Guest Article by: Sara Coppola Being a fashion photographer might seem like an easy job full of freedom. Though, the reality is quite different. While techniques, inspiration and creativity are very important, it also […]


Riding Off Into the Sunset – 7 Tips to Photograph the Perfect Sundown


Guest Article By: Ferina Santos As the days become shorter – or longer, the light outdoors breaks rather differently in the sky, making it a fine time of year to capture the radiance of […]


Reflections in Photography – Tips & Examples


Photography constitutes both to art and science. We express everything through an art medium, which is then captured inside a camera, and works along to form a Photograph – the medium of science. It […]


Elements of Composition – The Magic of Leading Lines


Guest Article By : Debashis Talukdar The use of leading lines in landscape photography is one of the simplest elements and often one of the most effective of drawing the eye of the viewer […]


Window Lighting in Photography – Tips & Examples


One readily available natural light source irrespective of any other climatic factors and the one which doesn’t cost the photographer any extra bucks would definitely be the Window Lighting. Window lighting has always played […]


The Secret to Creating a Great Image By Cole Thompson


Guest Article By : Cole Thompson John Holland Memorial – Convict Lake, CA – 2012 What does it take to create a great image? At various times in my life I’ve had different thoughts […]


Capturing Time: How to make a time lapse video sequence


Guest Article By : Debashis Talukdar Introduction I started taking photographs with a point and shoot camera in 2000, and finally got my first digital SLR in 2006. It was a Canon 350D and […]


10 Easy and Creative Tips to Shoot Outdoor Bokehs at Night


Guest Article by : Shilpa Venkat If you are a passionate photographer, you must have surely come across the concept of Bokeh Photography. There are thousands of bokeh pictures on the web and you […]


How to Be a Good Photographer – An Overview


We wanted to bring an article providing some guidelines to Photographers on how to produce a Good Photograph. This question is always a tricky one since there is no boundaries or constraints defining how […]


Street Photography Tips and Techniques by Thomas Leuthard


Thomas Leuthard, one of the well known Street Photographers around the world. He loves to take pictures on the streets, where he is able to transform the life into his Shots. In this article […]


Basics of Night Photography – Tips and Examples


Night Photography is interesting as well as challenging in all aspects. It requires one to look outside with a varied perspective. Photo Credit : Wilson Lee Night Photography should not be taken into account […]


Do Wonders with your Kit Lens – An Overview about 18-55mm


This time we give you an article on how to create stunning images with your kits lens. Yes that 18-55mm lens which many of us must have underestimated lens. One should think why the […]


How to clean your camera sensor – Useful Tips & Videos


At some point of time it becomes necessary for all digital photographers to clean their camera sensors. There are lot of factors causing those small specs and dots on the images such as minute […]


How to give titles for your Photographs – Tips and Examples


The Role of Titles will always be an important factor of any particular art to be recognized and to be remembered forever. It remains an identity for any form of art and to choose […]


The Importance of Lines in Photography – An Overview with Superb Examples


Almost each one of us knew that geometric shapes forms a prime element in a Photograph. Here I have tried to magnify a little further into the likes of Lines in Photography. Their importance […]


How to use Props in Portrait Photography – Useful Tips with Stunning Examples


We all must have seen a great number of portraits in which the usage of property or object had always boosted the clearance of the picture. It is thoroughly the photographer’s intelligence in using […]


Nature Photography in Black and White – Practical Tips with Stunning Photographs


The Roots of Black and White Photography is much deeper than that of Color Photography. Initially there wasn’t much to choose for photographers. It was all in Black and white. Even today people stick […]


How to Start A Documentary Project – Tips and Ideas with Stunning Pictures


By means of starting a Documentary project one actually tells a story in a picture format to the broadcast media. The Photojournalist is a person who should be brilliant in Timeliness, objectivity and the […]


Macro Photography – An Ultimate Introduction


Those tiny ants crawling over a green grass with bits of rice grains, well I am speaking about Macro Photography. A macro photograph is something in which the size of the object you click […]


5 Simple Steps to Master Exposure Techniques


Guest Article by Andrew S Gibson Even as an experienced photographer there are still times when I get the exposure wrong. It’s easy to forget the basics and assume that the exposure is correct […]


How to Photograph Golf – Tips, Techniques and Examples


Guest Article by : David Bryce Golf can be a pretty tough sport to photograph well. This may seem counter-intuitive, as it lack speed, multiple players in motion, and ball to follow of other […]


Awesome Tips and Examples of Out of Focus in Photography


Almost everyone of us feels bad when we click a picture “focus out” But there are few artists out there who intentionally shoot things the wrong way sorry their right way. Those blurry out […]


9 Simple Tips and Techniques of Indoor Photography


Guest Article by : Shilpa Venkat When you talk about photography, it is not just about capturing a picturesque surrounding or traveling to extraordinary places to get that wow effect in your photos. A […]


Basics of Photography – Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure


We thought of bringing something for all the Beginners of Photography. An article which can make an amateur know about the prime elements in a camera paving way for his growth as a Photographer. […]


15 Beautiful Tips and Examples of Bokeh Photography


Today we came with very beautiful article about Bokeh in Photography. Although Bokeh simply means Blur. Below we present 15 Useful Tips and 25 Beautiful Examples about Bokeh Photography. Dont miss to check out […]


The Secret of Eyes in Portrait Photography


Guest Article by : Siddharthan Raman Eyes are the prime for any portrait. Any Psycho-physiological experience termed as emotion is interpreted through a dual screen theater called Eyes.Those Anger, Disappointment, Curiosity, Fear, Hope, Happiness, […]


Stock Photography Tips, Ideas and Tutorials


Stock Photography is photographs licensed for specific uses. In digital world, stock Images have huge demand. There are two types of Stock Images, Royalty-Free (RF) and Royalty-Managed (RM). The major markets for stock photography […]


Inspire with Natural Lighting in Photography


Guest Article by : Siddharthan Raman Photography in simple words is recording light. This article brings you the basics of natural lighting for photographers with some beautiful examples. Natural light photography, sometimes called available […]


An Overview about Simplicity and Minimalism in Photography


In both life and photography the simplicity is very important. Life simplification techniques can also easily apply to your photography. If you observe that most unsuccessful photographs fail because they are too complicated. The […]


Photography Basics – Questions and Answers for Beginners – Part 6


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Portrait Photography Tips, Ideas,Techniques and Tutorials


Portrait Photography is most challenging and amazing genre in photography. Here we have put together collection of Best Portrait Photography Tips in the web. The below articles cover about, how take Great Portraits, Candids, […]


Art of Composition in Photography- Tips and Examples


Guest Article By : Siddharthan Raman The difference between a Snapshot and Greatshot is a composition. The way the photographer view the subject is very different. Siddharth talking about Art of Composition in Photography. […]


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Creative 50mm Lens – Benefits and Fantastic Photos


Welcome to the world of the 50mm lens. This lens replicates the field of vision of the human eye, which is why it is called a normal lens. Due to this unassuming quality, it […]


Creating an Infrared Photo Effect in Photoshop CS5


In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to create a The Infrared Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Know more about Infrared Photography here. Let’s get started! Step 1 Start with […]


6 Simple Tips to take Fantastic Abstract Photography


Most of the categories in photography show the subject clearly. For example, when photographing a portrait or landscape, you try to represent the face and environment. When shooting Abstract Photography, it’s all about ideas […]


Still Life Photography Tips, Ideas and Tutorials


Still life photographs show arrangements of inanimate objects-such as food, flowers, shells, bottles, glasses, books, jewelry-captured in the studio or sometimes in the field. One of the traditional forms of art, still life painting […]


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Photography Basics – Questions and Answers for Beginners


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Understanding Light in Photography


Photo Credit : Andre Arment Light is the photographer’s chief resource. The word ‘photography’ derives from Greek, and literally means ‘light drawing’. From the brightest light of the midday sun to the fuzzy glow […]


Smoke Art Photography Tips, Tricks and Tutorials


Photo Credit : Pascal Bovet Here is some tips & tutorial collection for you guys. Capturing The Smoke – Amazing Smoke Photography Tutorial Everyone has seen smoke in various forms. For some, smoke is […]


5 Photography Questions and Answers for Beginners


Here are 5 common photography questions and answers for beginners. How to Avoid Blurry Images? Photo Credit : Arjun Purkayastha Here are a few tricks to avoid taking blurry photos. Use the correct shutter […]


Food Photography Tips, Tricks and Tutorials


Photo Credit : Natalia Lisovskaya Food photography is a still life specialization of commercial photography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of food for use in advertisements, packaging, menus or cookbooks. Professional food photography is […]


Selective Color with Gradient Map in Photoshop


In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to create Selective Color with Gradient Map in Photoshop. This is very simple tutorial, you can try it quickly in Photoshop. Let’s get started! […]


The Faded Antique Look in Photoshop CS5


In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to create a The Faded Antique Look in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Let’s get started! Step 1 Start with the photo you want to apply […]


Basic Photography Lighting Tutorials


The light control is very important in Photography. Photography is all about Light. In this article, we listed some of best articles and tutorials about Photography Lighting. Lighting 101 We are pretty much starting […]


Black and White + Texture Technique in Photoshop


Prerequisite: Knowledge about RAW converter + Levels + Layer Masking Step 1 Well , Let’s start from RAW file (_DSC6463.NEF in case of Nikon) and opening it in Adobe RAW converter. Step 2 Now […]


Candid Photography – How to shoot Excellent Candids


Candid Photography is nothing but “catch people in the act of being themselves“. The goal of candid photography is not to grab pictures surreptitiously, with your subjects completely unaware that their picture is being […]


Photographing the Patterns of Nature


Nature is a greatest inspiration for photography. Finding the patterns in nature means opening yourself up to nature’s design. The repetition of shape and pattern in the natural world can be surprising and worthy […]


Professional Portrait Photo Retouching Video Tutorials


Portrait retouching is a quite deceptive art. For Portrait retouching you have to concentrate on Lighting, Skin, Wrinkles, Eyes, Hair, Bakground and many. If you have some experience in Photoshop it will be very […]


Black and White Photoshop Conversion Technique


Some time back, we have posted Shirren Lim interview in our blog. I really admired her black and white portraits and ask her the process behind her portraits. She sent her Photoshop Workflow, Here […]


15 Tips to take Water Drops with Refractions in them


Last week we posted Aroon Kalandy’s Showcase, and we got tremendous response from users and they asked me secret behind those snaps. I mailed to Aroon and ask tips for his Macro Photography shots, […]


Professional Facial Photoshop Retouching Tutorials


Whether you want a glow effect on the bride’s face in her wedding photographs, or want to make an ordinary face more attractive by removing her blemishes or wrinkles, Photoshop is a widely used […]


Secrets of Shooting Beautiful Landscapes


We’ve all had the experience: Driving through a beautiful landscape, you stop at every scenic overlook to make photographs sure to capture the grandeur of what you see. You get home, look at the […]


10 quick and easy tips to improve your photography


Know Your Camera Your first objective should be to learn the abilities and limitations of your camera. Being intimately familiar with every setting and function by experimenting in the field will help make you […]




If you’ve been doing your digital SLR homework, you’ve probably read some debate about the merits of RAW vs. JPEG. Let us see some examples and process about RAW and JPEG What is RAW? […]


Tips for Photographing Kids


Shooting children is one of the toughest shooting sessions possible. Whether you are a professional photographer, an amateur or just a father with a point and shoot, kids raise some of the more challenging […]


Photographic Composition Techniques


There are many composition guidelines which can be applied in almost any situation, to enhance the impact of a scene. Below are some of the most popular and most widely respected composition rules. Simplicity […]


What is Tilt Shift Photography – Tilt Shift Photoshop Tutorial


Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene. Sometimes the […]


How to take HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photos


In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an […]