Digital cameras have high power requirements, and over time have become smaller, resulting in an ongoing need to develop a battery small enough to fit in the camera and yet able to power it […]



An autofocus (or AF) optical system uses a sensor, a control syst               em and a motor to focus fully automatic or on a manually selected point or area. An electronic rangefinder has a display […]


AF Servo

Halts auto focus operation once the subject is in focus and is useful when shooting a subject outside the focus area in the viewfinder. The photographer should first lock the focus with the subject […]


AF Assist Illuminator

Auto focus systems require sufficient light and contrast to operate effectively. An AF assist illuminator provides the necessary light and contrast, when ambient conditions are not sufficient for auto focus operation. AF assist illuminators […]


AD Converter

An analog-to-digital converter (abbreviated ADC, A/D or A to D) is a device which converts a continuous quantity to a discrete time digital representation. An ADC may also provide an isolated measurement. The reverse […]