Can you take pictures in a casino? This is one question we encounter a lot. And today we’re going to address it.

Tips for Taking Photos Inside Any Las Vegas Casino

Photos provide you with a way to capture and remember your great experiences. However, most Las Vegas casinos are known for their strict policies against photography. But this doesn’t mean you can’t capture a few photos to remember the evening.

With help of the tips below, you can take photos of yourself or friends in a Las Vegas casino without getting into trouble.

Let’s dive in!

Use a Small Camera

The trick here is to go small, so you can avoid getting noticed. Big cameras like a Nikon DSLR will draw lots of unwanted attention from the casino security crew. And you don’t want that.

Although most casinos in Las Vegas still forbid picture taking, the rules are a bit relaxed these days because smartphones are now the preferred camera choice of most players. With some caution, you can capture a quick selfie inside the casino without a problem.

Avoid Taking Videos

Within seconds you can capture an image and return your phone or camera to your pocket without being noticed. However, recording a video requires you to hold your camera in a certain position for some period. This can easily draw unwanted attention. So, don’t push your luck-stick to capture quick photos.

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Switch Off the Flash

The best way to tell the security you’re taking photos inside the casino is to leave your flash on. So, it’s just wise to switch it off, whether you’re using your phone or camera to capture the picture inside casinos. Train to hold your camera in a steady position at home to avoid taking motion-blurred photos once you’re inside the casino.

Don’t Use Tripods

When it comes to casino photography, it’s wise to leave your tripod at home. A tripod screams serious photography, and casino security would not let that happen. Furthermore, casinos are full of drunk and distracted gamblers who can easily trip and scum to serious injuries. So, if you have carried a tripod to Las Vegas, just leave it in your hotel room.

Tips for Taking Photos Inside Any Las Vegas Casino

Capture Pictures Quickly and Stay on The Move

Las Vegas casino inside is not a place to stay in one position to capture several photos for your Instagram feed. Take a few pictures quickly and move on. Identify the location you need to position yourself to snap the photos, so you get it right the first time. This way, you can avoid being spotted and question by the casino security. Remember, it’s not a photoshoot, and the more time you take to capture a photo, the higher the chances of you getting noticed by the security or a casino employee. As long as you keep on moving, you can snap one or two photos and still be fine.

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Don’t Photograph Guests

When you’re in the casino, don’t take a photo of another person, even if he or she is a celebrity. Stick to yourself and your group. The casino takes the security of its members seriously. So, if you take a photo of another person you will infringe on someone’s privacy and break the casino’s rules.

Avoid Sensitive Areas

While on the gambling floor, avoiding snapping pictures of things to do with the casino’s security, including security guards, cameras, or doors that allow entry to employees alone. Move away from the cashier’s desk or places where gambler gets their chips. When you keep this in mind, you won’t get into any trouble.

Be Polite

If captured taking photos, apologize and move on. Don’t cause a scene since casino guards tend to get overzealous and things can take a bad turn. Be nice and explain, say the pictures you have captured are for personal use.

If asked to show the guards, the photos you have taken, don’t accept. Keep in mind, they don’t have any legal right to review your photos.

Tips for Taking Photos Inside Any Las Vegas Casino


While it’s illegal to take pictures in most Las Vegas casinos, it’s not impossible. With the help of these few tips, you can take pictures of your best experience inside Las Vegas casinos. And don’t worry, there’s little chance you will get captured.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of being discrete about casino photography, consider visiting photography-friendly casinos.

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