Norway is one of those countries that has always ranked high in almost every aspect. They have consistently been named the safest country to live in, by the United Nations Human Development Report. Since these yearly rankings are rated with regards to life expectancy and level of education and income. Moreover, aspects such as freedom, and human rights are also taken into consideration. They have stood out amongst other governments’ welfare frameworks in the world, ensuring that their citizens and residents who are jobless or unfit to work are given the help they need. Norway likewise has one of the least crime percentages on the planet. Besides such an amazing administrative reputation, Norway is also known for its landscape, which has attracted many tourists and photographers.

If you’ve studied any aspect of Norway, you might have come across its remarkable fishing industry. Norway is not only known for the massive salmons in its waters, but also for its landscape. So, you’re looking for an amazing landscape photography destination? Sure you are and Norway is just the place for you. Let’s be honest, Norway is the most amazing photography destination. The enchanting fjords, the snowy peaks, and the view over the edges of cliffs are stunning. The scenery of Norway is extraordinary. It has one of the best environmental varieties from the northern to the southern regions of the country. It is one of those countries that solely possess a majority of the beautiful landscape found in Europe. It has magnificent forests and amazing tundras in the arctic. The country seems very cold but in real life, the temperatures are balanced, as the North is relatively warm.

Picturesque landscape

Why Norway is the perfect place for a landscape photographer

A significant number of Norway’s most marvellously photogenic destinations are not for the weak. They can include long climbs across harsh territories, an intense excursion through rafts, or skis at very high speed, and harsh climatic conditions. Rough and great with winding, with beautiful villages, Norway’s fjords are really a fantasy for photographers. The best approach to taking a perfect picture of the landscape is from a distance so you can catch the peaks that ascend up above water level, alongside the bright wooden houses that are common in many Norwegian towns.

Although Norway has a very small population, it has been the origin of numerous acclaimed and influential people. A portion of the world’s best salmon comes from Norway. Its cold fjords and sea waters are very fresh, nutritional and healthy. Nature is without a doubt the main thing we as a whole have as a top priority when contemplating Norway. The fjords, mountains and Aurora Borealis of Norway are known all through the world. Besides having beautiful nature and landscapes in general, photography has presented great employment opportunities for Norwegian photographers. The work of these photographers is increasingly catching the attention of influential entertainment companies. And casino photography is gradually becoming a thing in Norway. That is why many reputable casinos in Norway are taking advantage of skilled local photographers who will sell the dream of winning big in just a photo. Following the reports from a Norwegian gambling outlet, it became quite clear how much local casino game developers would use their country’s landscapes to further improve their products.


Why Norway is the perfect place for a landscape photographer

Norway is definitely a breathtaking destination when it comes to travelling. The landscape is so awe-inspiring and just a mere look at the pictures from the region will leave you in disbelief. Certainly, that mountain will consistently be higher, that rock greater, that fjord more clear in your memory than on a photo. However, if you realize where you’re going, and how to take that ideal shot, you’ll get back home with an admirable collection of photographs.

In Norway, there is no particular time of the year which is more preferable to take pictures, because it is amazing all year round. It, therefore, depends on what kind of photography you are and what kind of photography you do. The midnight sun is an intriguing phenomenon. The weather in Norway despite everything is very unpredictable. Thus any time you go, bear in mind that the weather can be eccentric. A splendid, radiant summer’s day can rapidly become dim with a downpour of rain, while a storm can similarly disperse, giving you precisely the view you need.


Why Norway is the perfect place for a landscape photographer

Besides the beautiful landscape, Norway is also blessed with magnificent sea creatures. Photographers that are interested in capturing wildlife can join the whale-watching safari. The Norwegian waters are filled with numerous species of sea creatures such as orcas, whales, minke, and a whole lot more, during specific periods of the year. There are boat tours available as well to track these creatures. To capture every moment, always keep your camera close. On land in the northern regions of Norway, you’re bound to spot animals like the reindeer, lynx, Arctic fox, or moose. On such trips as a tourist, it is often recommended to tour with a local guide who has knowledge of photography so that you can be directed to the renown sites. Layer well in these circumstances, as you may need to wait for some time to get that an ideal shot.

Towns and villages

Why Norway is the perfect place for a landscape photographer

The towns of Norway are simply abounding in beauty. They’re very lovely, no matter where you’re looking from. Whether you’re viewing at a close range or from a distance, the view is simply magnificent. When you’re visiting the area, get your camera and go around without help from guides and cell phones to locate the absolute best chances. Although at times it is recommended to walk with a guide who will direct you to the famous sites.

Ålesund is one of Norway’s numerous exquisite urban communities and interesting towns. With amazing Art Nouveau design, and the Lofoten archipelago, with its charming fishing towns. To view the Northern Lights, Tromsø is an eminent start point, and Oslo, on the other hand, has many architectural beauties, including its celebrated National Opera House.