People love themed photoshoots, and it makes all the sense because the scenes at casinos make one want to gamble and take photos while working their wheel spins. You could opt to go to an actual casino to take the photos or set the venue up to imitate a gambling den.

Here are casino decoration ideas that will turn your shoot into the casino theme you desire.

How To Make A Perfect Casino Themed Photoshoot: Tips From The Pros


Casinos are usually purposely poorly lit because you wouldn’t want to make the wrong decision with your bankroll in a perfectly lit room, would you? While you want to keep it this way to imitate a real money casino Canada, you also want to get the best shots, which means adjusting the lights for sessions. Make it seem like a regular online betting scene for as long as possible, then switch up the lights long enough to take your photos.

So, what sort of lighting should you go for to retain the authentic casino feel? Use casino style loud, dazzling lights to keep the festive mood in the same way it happens at casinos. You can return them to the dim nature that leaves players wondering whether it is night or day after you have taken your shots.

How To Make A Perfect Casino Themed Photoshoot: Tips From The Pros

Let the Décor Stand out

The décor for the shoot venue will scream the loudest, so you want it to capture the atmosphere of a real online casino with revelers playing roulette and blackjack. Set the shoot venue up with miniature slot machines that make the same sounds as the real ones will go a long way to show you are in the real thing, while wheels finish the whole thing up. This will be great for video, as it shows some behind-the-scenes movements. You want the red carpets, velvet ropes, and music in the background that reminds people of a Vegas casino the moment they get in. A bar for alcoholic drinks and mocktails – bought or free – completes the picture, so you don’t want to skimp on that.

How To Make A Perfect Casino Themed Photoshoot: Tips From The Pros

Capture the Emotions

The shoot should reflect the mood of those in it, so you want to capture stills that show them drinking, mingling, and making merry all through. You also want to capture those balloons, the neon lights, a croupier, poker chips, the wheel, and as many things that scream Vegas and gambling theme as possible. The music is key; we cannot stress that enough, so get it. It wouldn’t be a classic casino photoshoot if the games did not match or people weren’t showing their losing and winning faces.

How To Make A Perfect Casino Themed Photoshoot: Tips From The Pros

Have Fun

Every shoot comes out great when the photographer is having fun. The venue set-up is a bonus that will make your work so much easier, but being in the best mood while at the job will make it possible to be patient with your subjects when they ask you to make some changes upon a review of the photos.

How To Make A Perfect Casino Themed Photoshoot: Tips From The Pros


You want to prepare for the shoot days before the actual day. That way, you will have your gear including all the required lenses to capture the atmosphere and low lighting. You want to remember extra film rolls so you can capture every moment and have enough material to edit and send the client. The jackpot when shooting this type of shoot is the client’s face when they see the final product.

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