A natural-looking picture is far more likely to draw the attention of a person scrolling through a website than one which is made to look unnatural. According to the most eye-catching dating profiles are indeed the ones with high-quality photos. How are you supposed to take the best photo for your client and increase their chances of luck? We’re going to give you some tips that will set you up for success for your personal needs or those of your photography clients!

Dating Profile Photography: How to Take a Perfect Picture

A profile picture is a calling card in the dating world

The first thing you have to consider about the modern dating world is that the profile picture is the most important aspect of a dating profile. Pictures are important because it gives potential matches an idea of who the person is, lets them know they speak to a real individual, and grants a sense of validity in the world of online dating. The picture has to be attractive enough to stop people from scrolling past the profile. That doesn’t mean the subject has to be the best-looking person in the world, but the picture itself should be properly balanced, natural, and not unusually tuned using editing software.

Take a natural, relaxed photo

You don’t want to take a picture that looks like the subject is being taken into custody by police. It should not be a painful process! Instead, you should aim to take a picture where the subject is posing simply in a way that will not make them uncomfortable. Use the right background for the kind of picture that you’re taking. Or capture in action, but also make sure you look at the simple elements of proper photo composure. Is there a good balance of light and shadow? In essence, aside from what you’re capturing, does the picture look good?

Represent the character traits

A picture is supposed to say a thousand words. How do you make this work? Since most profiles allow multiple pictures, you can work on using shadows to create a mood. Is this a lonely, introverted person? If so, cast them in shadows to let people see that. Are they a party animal? Use light tricks to liven up the profile photo. Make sure to use the eyes and facial expression to convey the subject’s thoughts and feelings, too!

Smooth out imperfections

Not every subject is going to be easy to capture. That is why it’s so important to learn how to smooth out imperfections using light and shadow. Capture their best angles and tuck away the elements of their body or face that they are not pleased with. For example, a helpful way is to turn the nose slightly away from the camera and focus on shooting the face from a 45-degree angle. Work on making the best parts of your clients shine through!

Using these ideas, you can do your client a good service to create an online dating profile picture that will help them find romantic partners with ease. It might take some time to understand what each person needs from you, but the job you provide for them will help you maintain the trend of honesty and good photography practices instead of having people try to find romance with photoshopped pictures. Thus, your contributions to truthfulness will allow relationships to get started on the best foot possible!

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