When someone decides to join a dating website, they hope to make a good impression on other users.First of all, they consider the motivation for choosing this type of communication. Who do they want to meet? Are they seeking a relationship or a temporary fling? What kind of person will satisfy their needs?

Then, it’s time to choose a profile photo. What messages do they want to communicate about themselves? If they’re just looking for something casual, the photos should look casual, even flirty or kinky. If they want to attract a committed partner, then the photos should suit a general audience. And this is what you should remember. Only if you choose the right photos will you likely grab the attention of the men or women of your target group. While photos are one aspect of a dating site profile, a good one is worth a thousand words when it comes to a platform that focuses on finding a partner.

5 Photo ‘No’s’ for Profile on a Dating Site

Here are five No’s for the profile photo:

1. No studio background

Don’t represent yourself like a real estate agent plastered on the side of the city bus. This person seems friendly, but he or she has a professional face. They aren’t someone to fall in love with or bring home to Thanksgiving dinner.

2. No way to see the face

If you’re wearing sunglasses, a hat, a mask, or turning away from the photo, this photo is not appropriate for the profile. The dating site user wants to feel a connection with your photo, so making eye contact and featuring yourself smiling are important. No fake smiles, too.

3. No ‘over photoshopped’ or ‘over-filtered’

Modern photo editing apps have settings that will radically change how you look, including the color scheme, brightness, contrast, and smoothness. When you use photo filters, your skin will look clear and even, but don’t change it so that you don’t look your age or yourself. Don’t exaggerate your looks, so the observer feels deceived when meeting you in person while local dating.

4. No group pictures

While it looks cute to show yourself having fun in a wedding photo, a family reunion, or a friends’ night out, group photos don’t highlight who you are. Which person are you in the photo? Why did you choose that pic? When you’re aiming to find casual hookups, try to be honest about it. Don’t use photos where you clipped yourself out of a couple’s shot. That indicates you aren’t willing to show yourself as single, or you’re just too lazy to find recent pics.

5. No person in the photo

It’s sometimes tempting to add a beautiful but irrelevant photo featuring nature, pets, arts to your profile. But you want to spark a conversation with the reader. The goal is not to highlight your aesthetic tastes or where you’ve been. Remember, you’re seeking a romantic attachment, so let users see you and not just pretty images.

A simple act of posting your image on any site will attract a lot more attention, no matter if you’re looking for a job or want to match with singles in your area. Put pictures that show your best self online. Only a few are needed to spark introductions.

Summing Up

If you use older photos or ones presenting a different body type, people will question your authenticity, wondering why you’re portraying yourself as someone that you’re not. If you post a true likeness, whatever this means now, you’re more likely to start dating someone who likes the way you look. Nobody is perfect, but using the right photos allows someone to start learning about the real you.

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