Every artist entitled to be the creator should definitely understand the concept behind the term publishing. Not many of our wonderful artists today appreciate or follow this term which eventually leads to a downfall to them & their creations. Trying to break the term – “Publishing” do not interpret it with the daily magazines or the newspapers. I personally believe publishing is a valuable term for an artist having it close to adding a page of valuable content in his/her personal diary with a signature of art. Having said that I have split this term into 5 useful characters.

Midnight Clear - The Art of Publishing
Photo Credit : Allan

Building a Profile

To start with, In Art or Photography, any thing or everything we do for a prolonged period of time with the right attitude will one day turn up to have built a wonderful profile for the artist himself. Only art helps us to find and lose ourselves simultaneously. There will certainly be a period when we sit back & rejoice looking back at what we have created over the period of time. This is the starting point of an already built art profile, and to keep the profile lively, not just for the amount of passion you have put into over the years but also for the faith, love and compassion this will offer for years to come and generations to inspire, It is necessary to understand the art of publishing.

Acrobat - The Art of Publishing
Photo Credit : Faiz M Taimur

Translating your Mind

Think like a master, after-all you are the master of your art. Your Mind very much knows what it loves and what it doesn’t The Mediocre creations will never make you proud for what you do, forget to create for the masses, the critics, the audience. They are the people who speak rather than create, straight away throw the mediocre elements into bin. With every publish,do not compromise, always take the level of artwork to the next step . This may be a daunting task in the beginning but that is how Masters have been idealized.

Some Truth - The Art of Publishing
Photo Credit : Greatestdancer

Habit & Consistency

Your mind is the most beautiful thing you have. Listen to it, rely on your memory, it is a glimpse of wonder our mind will cling on to. Do not choose pictures or any art work based on a desire for them. Forget them first and let these creations wake you up and ask for a publish. Very similar to the bottle of colloids, believe only the lighter and the most beautiful particles of dust holds its head to the surface. There is no rule or time period, just wait until the picture itself calls you for a publish. When that happens both the picture and the creator will attain eternity.

Idle - The Art of Publishing
Photo Credit : Hengki Koentjoro

Nature of Work

Desire everything, cross the genres. For genres are always borders to you and your art. Be versatile, for we don’t wear the same color everyday, understand this and translate this into your art work. Believe me people will find you in your art work. Your art will be n times more beautiful and creative than you, for it keeps evolving, devoid of shapes, size and it doesn’t even age.

Flower - The Art of Publishing
Photo Credit : LJ

Moving & Motivating

Be it a success or an utter failure just move on. This will not be your last creation, there are more to come. A Comma (,) is a primary element in an artists life, motivate yourself for every creation you make and believe in tomorrow for the hope in yourself and the never dying art. Creativity does allow our self to make numerous mistakes, whereas its art which guides you in knowing which ones to keep.

Connectivity - The Art of Publishing
Photo Credit : Rupert Vandervell

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