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Przemek Strzelecki – Striking Street Photographer from Poland


Przemek Strzelecki is a street and documentary photographer from Poland. A wonderful photographer who loves to be with his camera always and his incredible passion towards art has led him to find more about […]


Some Memorable & Moodaholic Photographs from The Polish Photographer Tom


Soft focused ultra sensitive photographs tuned perfect to the likes of art and photography. Tom loves to capture the lightness and ingredients of nature, be it a desert storm or a simple strand of […]


Artsy Landscape Photography by Marcin Sobas


Stunning and out of the world captures of beautiful meadows from an outstanding altitude. This is Marcin Sobas for all of us, simple and elegant compositions playing a wonderful art touch to these photographs. […]


Children Portrait Photography By Monika Koclajda


Can you please introduce yourself? Hi, My name is Monika Koclajda. I am self taught photographer from Poland. i have 2 wonderful daughters who are my brave models : ) I love children photography […]