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Digital Photography Workflow – Any Professional Photographer’s practice


Brushing up our basics never harms us, since it gives us an incredible insight towards what makes us the photographer and much beyond. There always has to be a certain breakdown for any complex [...]


Top 25 Positive Photography Tutorials of 2013 – A Genial Roundup


Tutorials no matter what genre they represent, had always earned warm applause from our readers. Interesting how to’s and realistic tips  for any photographer had been our motto behind writing these tutorials. In a [...]


5 simple steps in photographing fireworks which will give you sparkling results


I’ve been photographing fireworks for several years now. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve gotten to a point where I am quite comfortable of being able to pull of good fireworks images [...]


30 Tips and Tricks for Portrait Photography by Neil Creek


Neil Creek has just published his new ebook 30 Tips and Tricks for Portrait Photography which is a distillation of his experience shooting portraits into wisdom that you can apply to your photo shoots [...]


4 great factors to consider while shooting low light photography


Calculating and exposing your sensor to the likes of low light is definitely going to be a daunting task. Many a time, We the photographers must have erred in capturing those unique moments just [...]


Artistic Comparison – Elements of Nature and Photography


The Elements of Nature are primarily responsible for every single atom / organism present in this Universe. Plato was the first person to ever use the term “Element” in order to represent Air, Fire, [...]


Everything about Fashion Photography Tips, Tutorials And Videos


Pursuing in the field of fashion photography is no easy task. It might seem a job full of freedom and ease but that is not the case. Various techniques and coping up with the [...]


Elevating yourself – 5 amazing tips for any photographer


Every artist goes through this specific period in their art life, the phase where magic keeps working for them. Shining with every piece of work they produce and heaps of praises warming them time [...]


Essentials for Post Processing in Photography


Right from the early stages of photography, Post Processing is an essential word for its wonderful phenomenon in creating a photographic masterpiece. In the art of Photography, many photographers have mastered this art of [...]


How to Photograph Golf – Tips, Techniques and Examples


Guest Article by : David Bryce Golf can be a pretty tough sport to photograph well. This may seem counter-intuitive, as it lack speed, multiple players in motion, and ball to follow of other [...]