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Luuk Belgers shows his stunning portfolio with an inspiring never give-up attitude!


Luuk Belgers is a dutch photographer who loves to shoot nature. His pictures are stunning and very soft and subtle when it comes to the moment, light or that new species of bird. In [...]


How to use Reverse Ring and Extension Tube for Macro Photography


Hello Everyone, this Soumya Sumitra Behera (shortly call me SouSuBe) an enthusiastic budding photographer from the French Heritage town of Pondicherry. And here I would like to give you an small introduction and tutorial [...]


Ultimate Bokehlicious photos – result of Peter da Palmer and an old german lens shot at f/0.95


Astonishingly bokehlicious photographs from his countryside. This is Peter da Palmer who most often shoots with his super fast prime lenses at f/0.95 aperture and his love for these bokehlicious photographs are very evident [...]


Jaco Marx – This Wildlife photographer shoots with a purpose & its amazing


Jaco Marx keeps it simple when explaining about his journey as a wildlife photographer but somehow his pictures boasts for themselves. Jaco has his vision totally inclined to the likes of nature and wildlife [...]


Simply Stunning Macro Photography by Vyacheslav Mishchenko


A fantastic photographer who loves to shoot macro with a lot of passion and of course patience. This is Vyacheslav Mishchenko for you who began to shoot nature and macro at a very young [...]


The Never Seen Aquatic life – Underwater photography by Andy Lerner


Miraculous and stunning underwater creatures brought to life by Andy Lerner. His pictures make us wonder the unidentified beauty oceanic life beholds. These pictures are arresting in all aspects just like any genre of [...]


An Ultimate Ebook for Mastering the Art of Composition by Ian Plant


What makes a great photograph? Is there any one aspect of the process which separates the merely good from the truly magnificent? Many candidates immediately spring to mind, such as subject matter, light, mood, [...]


35 Fascinating Pictures of Bird Photography


If you think Photography itself is meditation, Bird Photography goes twice beyond that, teaching you patience with a sharp eye to watch every small movement of the bird to shoot is definitely a tough [...]


Nature at its best – Black & White Photography by Mark Little John


Mark Littlejohn is from Penrith, England. Mark states that he took up photography for no real reason and it all started with some usual snaps in his area. But slowly he began to gain [...]


Interview with Nature Photographer Tejas Soni


A painter, sculptor, traveler and a great photographer. Tejas Soni is a multi talented artist from Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat, India. In his words, “A good image is like a migratory bird, it [...]