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50 Great Black And White Photographs From The Masters Of Photography – Part 2


One more set of amazing black and white photos from masters. Please check our previous Part1 of this article here. They taught us the meaning of photography, the very smell of composition and the […]


Steve McCurry talks about his inspiration of photographing in India – Must Watch!!


In this interview of photographer Steve McCurry talks about his inspirations of photographing in India. He talks about his 30 plus years of photographing in India and how each time is different. Steve McCurry […]


Stanko Abadžić – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Stanko Abadžić (born 1952 in Vukovar) is a Croatian photographer and photojournalist. He lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. © Stanko Abadzic Stanko Abadžić began his professional career in photography as a photojournalist for […]


50 Great Black and White Photographs from the Masters of Photography- Part 1


They taught us the meaning of photography, the very smell of composition and the beautiful essence of lights and shadows. Their works teach us great insights on all aspects of photography. To say the […]


10 Amazing Photo Essays from Magnum In Motion – Part 2


The idea behind photo essay’s are to evoke a series of emotions onto the onlooker. Often these essay’s show certain deep emotional stages or document a story. On the whole the objective is to […]


Piergiorgio Branzi – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Piergiorgio Branzi is an Italian journalist and photographer born in 1928. He started photography in the fifties, he traveled extensively in Italy, particulary in the south. Feel the unusual elements of momentary everyday life […]


Shirley Baker – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Shirley Baker is a wonderful master photographer whose work gained immense recognition in the early 70’s. Most of her work was photographed during the demolition of slums in the Manchester and Salford regions. Shirley says […]


Edouard Boubat – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Édouard Boubat was born in Paris and he studies typography and graphic arts at Ecole Estienne. He worked for a prnting company before becoming a photographer. In 1943 he was subjected to service du […]


Ansel Adams – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Ansel Easton Adams was an american photographer and environmentalist born in February 20th 1902. Widely known for his black and white photographs, Ansel Adams is considered to be one of the pioneers of photography. […]


Mahatma Gandhi by Photographers Margaret Bourke-White and Henri Cartier-Bresson


Here we are sharing some historical photos of Mahatma Gandhi. I was amazed when I saw this collection by great photographers Margaret Bourke-White and Henri Cartier-Bresson. There are 60 photographs with captions, please share […]