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Edouard Boubat – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Édouard Boubat was born in Paris and he studies typography and graphic arts at Ecole Estienne. He worked for a prnting company before becoming a photographer. In 1943 he was subjected to service du […]


Ansel Adams – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Ansel Easton Adams was an american photographer and environmentalist born in February 20th 1902. Widely known for his black and white photographs, Ansel Adams is considered to be one of the pioneers of photography. […]


Mahatma Gandhi by Photographers Margaret Bourke-White and Henri Cartier-Bresson


Here we are sharing some historical photos of Mahatma Gandhi. I was amazed when I saw this collection by great photographers Margaret Bourke-White and Henri Cartier-Bresson. There are 60 photographs with captions, please share […]


Robert Capa In Love and War – Greatest Documentary about War Photographer


If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough. – Robert Capa Robert Capa (October 22, 1913 – May 25, 1954) was a Hungarian war photographer and photojournalist who covered five different wars: […]


Don Hong-Oai – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Don Hong-Oai was born in Canton, China in 1929. He did spend most of his life time in Vietnam though. In his earlier days on Photography, Don did take a apprenticeship in a local […]


The Best 5 Minutes Video related to photography you will ever see


Listen to great masters of photography from the renowned National Geographic Magazine speak about photography, the beauty and the power of it. This narration will truly take you surprise and give you a new […]


Harry Gruyaert – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Harry Gruyaert was born in Antwerp, Belgium 1941. Having studied at the school of film and photography in Brussels from 1959-1962 made his journey in photography a very pleasant one. He did work as […]


10 Amazing Photo Essays in Magnum In Motion – Part 1


The idea behind photo essay’s are to evoke a series of emotions onto the onlooker. Often these essay’s show certain deep emotional stages or document a story. On the whole the objective is to […]


30 Most Iconic Pictures & their deep insight analyzed


How would it feel to look deeply at some of the grand works from our masters of photography. Analyzing these iconic pictures would be scintillating in all forms, to appreciate such wonderful photographs which […]


40 Movies Every Photographer must watch


We’ve put together a collection of 40 Movies every Photographer must watch. Click on the link to explore more about that particular movie. Please submit your favorite movie in comment section, so we will […]