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Gordon Parks – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks was an American Photographer who was a multifaceted individual making his reign over photography, music, literature and movies. Gordon Parks is primarily well known and fondly remembered for his [...]


Mark Citret – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Mark Citret is an American Photographer, born in Buffalo- New York during 1949. It was only during 1968, Mark started taking photography more seriously, which made him to receive both his Bachelor’s and Master’s [...]


Alfred Eisenstaedt – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Alfred Eisenstaedt was a German born American Photojournalist. Most popular photographer during his days and still, he was one of the 4 prominent early photographers hired by the Life Magazine. Alfred was born in [...]


Outstanding photo galleries from grand masters that will take you by surprise- Part 1


Some big names in the history of photography had done some immense contributions through their works. There has been some specific criteria and genres through which the great photographers and artists have always excelled. [...]


Breathtaking documentary movies ever made on photographers – Part 1


This time around, we are bringing you some most inspirational documentary movies ever made on the lives of some great master photographers around the world. This era has produced some amazing Photojournalists and War [...]


Martin Parr – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Martin Parr is a British Photographer. Known extensively for most of his photographic projects which were some pictorial representations of various critical aspects of modern life mostly cornering on the suburban life of England. [...]


Photography Interviews From Masters – Part 4


Some most exciting, long and lovely Interviews from our most favorite master photographers. Hearing it from the Masters through the interviews is always feast for any photographer. The Questions which you would have always wanted [...]


Abbas – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


“My photography is a reflection, which comes to life in action and leads to meditation. Spontaneity – the suspended moment – intervenes during action, in the viewfinder. A reflection on the subject precedes it. [...]


101 Inspiring Photography Quotes


Quotes We mean inspiring words, which would pronounce every letter of elegance and the noble way of doing photography. So many words with extreme clarity and intense synonym all making you march towards the [...]


Analyzing the Iconic Pictures – Part 4


To Continue with our last post, this is yet another breakdown of groundbreaking work from our masters of photography. Analyzing some iconic photographs would be one of interesting aspects of photography, for it provides [...]