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Being a Successful Wedding Photographer – Tips and Video Tutorials


Wedding Photography is no rocket science these days but the toughest part in nailing this interesting genre of photography is understanding the art of survival and channelizing your vision in a most positive and [...]


5 Brilliant tips to fight your fear in Street Photography


Street Photography may sound pretty simple for the outsiders & it may seem a very ordinary and easiest genre to produce good photographs. But the starring truth will hit you quiet strong when you [...]


Digital Photo Retouching: Beauty, Fashion & Portrait Photography eBook by Julia Kuzmenko McKim


Nothing is perfect, You will agree to this fact blindly if you are shooting digital. To achieve perfection and to transform your photograph into something beyond a mediocre picture, making it to feel better [...]


Understanding Exposure: Perfect Exposure on your EOS Camera – An Ebook by Andrew S Gibson


Even as an experienced photographer there are still times when I get the exposure wrong. It’s easy to forget the basics and assume that the exposure is correct instead of actually checking to make [...]


Digital Photography Workflow – Any Professional Photographer’s practice


Brushing up our basics never harms us, since it gives us an incredible insight towards what makes us the photographer and much beyond. There always has to be a certain breakdown for any complex [...]


3 Simple steps to capture the magic, An Interesting article by Jennifer McCarren


Kids at their sublime beauty with the mood highly lit for an interesting photo shoot, Jennifer McCarren makes the scene much happier through seperate bonding with the kids and the tool in her mind [...]


10 Tips to Capture Amazing Photographs of Birds in Flight


Birds in flight is probably the most sought after type of bird photography. Who do not wants to photograph birds in flight! Today you will learn top 10 tips that will help you capture [...]


Powerful Imagery: The Photographer’s Insight – An Ebook By Mitchell Kanashkevich


Until sometime, it had never been a trend for famous photographers and pro’s to share their winning formula, show their before and afters, most valuable contact sheets, and some insight into the on field [...]


15 Incredible Bird Photography Tips for Beginners – A Free Ebook


Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014. A very good start of 2014 with a Free eBook for Bird Photography Beginners from Prathap. Here’s what you will get in this FREE eBook: 15 Incredible Tips [...]


Top 25 Positive Photography Tutorials of 2013 – A Genial Roundup


Tutorials no matter what genre they represent, had always earned warm applause from our readers. Interesting how to’s and realistic tips  for any photographer had been our motto behind writing these tutorials. In a [...]