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Radek Bayek shows us the other side of fashion photography through his stunning portraits


Radek Bayek is a London based Fashion and Portrait Photographer. His stint as a photographer did start 3 years ago and Radek says it has opened a beautiful life for him. For Radek, he has […]


Feminine & Romantic Fashion Photography by Sara Melotti


Super stunning models, exotic locations always pave way for unbelievable fashion photographs. Sara Melotti, is a fashion photographer who believes in nothing but hard work. Her work is astonishing and more surprisingly she tells […]


Being a Successful Wedding Photographer – Tips and Video Tutorials


Wedding Photography is no rocket science these days but the toughest part in nailing this interesting genre of photography is understanding the art of survival and channelizing your vision in a most positive and […]


How to Shoot a Wedding Venue in Low Light


Guest Article by: Abhinav Jain The toughest part of shooting a wedding is to struggle with artificial lighting. If it’s an outdoor venue, you can rely on natural light. But when the reception is […]


The Best Indian Wedding Photographers – Part 2


Hope you were inspired by our 1st edition of this series on Indian wedding photographers. Here is part 2. Follow their Facebook and Twitter Profiles for regular updates. Chitra Aiyer An architect by training, […]


The Best Indian Wedding Photographer Portfolios For Inspiration – Part 1


If you were a couple in India getting married, even as recently as five years ago, the wedding photographer was picked by your parents. Invariably, he was someone your parents or extended family had […]


101 for Fashion Photography – Tips & Examples


Guest Article by: Sara Coppola Being a fashion photographer might seem like an easy job full of freedom. Though, the reality is quite different. While techniques, inspiration and creativity are very important, it also […]


The Best Wedding Photographer Portfolios for Inspiration – Part 2


This is the 2nd time we bring you this momentary gift, since wedding photography is more serious than it may sound. More Photographers more inspiration, they are sheer and pure professionals who are definitely […]


The Best Wedding Photographer Portfolios for Inspiration


This Week we wanted to bring a list on 20 Best Wedding Photographers for your inspiration. The word Wedding Photography may sound easy than it actually is, there are people who has taken up […]


Wedding Photography Tips, Ideas and Tutorials


Here is some tips & tutorial collection for you guys. Wedding Photography 101 Wedding Photography – Lessons Learned Wedding Photography – Tips For Better Wedding Photography Wedding Photography – 21 Tips for Amateur Wedding […]