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I am Balaji Maheshwar, a Chennai based Photographer and Software Engineer by Profession. Creativity rules and what better way can there be than to capture art through a photograph! I’ve always wondered what a photographer could view through a lens which a layman cannot. A few bucks i had to chip in every month and it took an year and half to finally get to know what the big deal was about. My first DSLR Canon 500D. This was the best moment, with my cam in hand; I felt that I could ever express myself more than any artistic medium that I have come across before. The concept of questioning the limitations of photography is both interesting and challenging of how far one can go with an image.

Inspired by photographers like Steve Mccurry, L.J, Ayashok, Rohit Sabu, my passion for photography grew way beyond what i thought. Joining Chennai Weekend Clickers was one such flick where I got an opportunity to meet Ashok and my CWC friends. And then I started to look for life and strong emotions particularly through “black and white” photographs.

Not a year since i started viewing life through the lens, and I will always admire all those who are my inspiration, who have motivated me to fetch me such recognition over a short period of time.

My Mantra:
“If you want to be a photographer, first leave home and your comfort zone”. -Steve McCurry

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Showcase of the Week - Balaji Maheshwar, 4.9 out of 5 based on 17 ratings


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  1. Christina says:

    Some Photographs are really stunning. Kudos!!

  2. Shankar Narayan says:

    Loved it. Black and Whites are very nice.

  3. ayashok says:

    Great show !
    Kudos Balaji, !
    i can say a recent noted person in photography i feel lil jealous about :)
    thanks for the inspiring shots !

  4. Kalanidhi says:

    Its true that he makes photographers feel jealous about him.
    He’s got a unique eye for compositions and a great sense of art.
    Way to go Balaji and keep inspiring… :)

  5. swarat says:

    He is very talented! i love his photos, they are inspiring and they describe some strong messages in so many ways! he is fresh, original and definetely one of my best buddy in flickr

  6. Niki ( says:

    U deserve this balaji….

  7. Karthikeyan Chinnathamby says:

    Stunning shots and excellent portraits in B/W.
    Congratzzzz Balaji.

  8. MRK says:

    Daily i ‘LOOK AT’ many photographs…
    But there are only few which i ‘LOOK INTO’…Balaji has such collection of photographs and i always ‘LOOK INTO’ his photographs. I tell my friends about this fellow and tell them how i feel underrated while comparing myself to him. But actually when i think deeply, i feel proud of being his friend and while going out for photography with him. My hearty congratulations to an immensely dedicated photographer.

    – MRK

  9. AnRb says:

    Amazing shots…glad to know and work with you in person.

  10. Premkumar says:

    Congrats da Balaji..
    The One who always saw this world in different Format.
    Keep Clicking.

  11. sasikumar says:

    machi congrats congrats….u almost reachd ur heights da:)sema inspiration

  12. EEE says:

    proud of you :)

  13. Kowshik says:

    Congrats Balaji, way to go! :)

  14. Jagadeesh SJ says:

    Excellent pictures in B&W!

  15. Sonali Dalal says:

    Hi Balaji, Awesome series!! I wait for your photo everyday. Love your processing and way you look at the world. Keep it up.

  16. jayaram says:

    congrats machi….!!!

  17. Madhu says:

    Awesome Bali… I love the message and the way you take photos… You make people see through your eyes and deliver the mess rightly… Keep up the good work… I am proud of you… :)

  18. kiruba says:

    dats amazng bro .. wow … keep kicking .. ;) ….. wt ws d cam ???

  19. Prem says:

    Congrats macha… Way to Go …!!!

  20. Bharathi says:

    A(Your) picture(photographs) is(are) worth a thousand words…..

  21. Muralidharan Alagar says:

    Phew! Awesome Balaji! Great show.
    You have got your signature! All the very best!

  22. Sudharshun says:

    Awesome works..
    Sema inspiration da

  23. Sudharshun says:

    Awesome work.

    Sema inspiration da

  24. Brojendra says:

    Superb work balaji..never knew I have such a talented team mate in office.

  25. Praveen gunasekaran says:

    Many of Balaji’s work were an inspiration to me.. His unique views on ordinary things sets him apart. I wish him good luck to see more success and to keep inspiring people.. :)

  26. Ravikanth says:

    Wow…such a beautiful collection. Very inspiring. Congratulations.

  27. Ravi says:

    uh.. what an expression in each photo!
    amazing pictures those are! I’m proud knowing you.
    I’m sure you are going to rock !

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