Interesting and moodaholic portraits with great influence towards art and human emotions. Characters feeling the extremes of snow and water with smart processing techniques and intelligent posing. Sarah Ann Loreth excels in producing such fantastic portraits which are hard to take out from our minds. The color schema and that significant processing method takes her portfolio to the next level.

Sarah tells us that she creates these scenes from her deep within, interesting isn’t. Lets get to listen more from the photographer herself.

Sarah Ann Loreth - Fine Art Portrait Photography

About Sarah

Sarah Ann Loreth does not take photographs; she creates them from scenes she pulls from deep within herself. Sarah is a fine art photographer from New Hampshire, who specializes in self-portraiture and conceptual portraiture. In her work she tries to convey a quiet stillness of emotion with a connection to her natural surroundings.

From her use of color and surreality she creates a reality found only in her imagination but with an emotion that is undeniably human. She explores the divide between darkness and light, unafraid to explore themes that others may find uncomfortable. Her work evokes a connection from the viewer, a feeling of oneness of the human experience and a mystery that will leave you wondering how the story will unfold.

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