Rupert Vandervell surprises with his incredible eye for capturing the subtle differences on light and shadows. His vision seems to be very simple but elegant in showing us the beauty of light play out of the ordinary with wonderful fusion of clean lines and geometrical patterns all aligning together to form a beautiful picture with rich composition. His words just like his photographs are simple, lets get to listen from the photographer himself.

Few words about you?

Born and based in London, my photographic style is highly representative of my personality. I have always been obsessed with clean lines and the geometrical appearance of things. My work explores our relationship with the urban environment and how we interact with it.

How did Photography happen to you?

I started taking pictures as a teenager. I formed my style doing landscapes, concentrating on the shapes and forms I found in minimalist settings.

Your gear and Inspiration?

Currently I use an Olympus set up. I love the OMD series of cameras for their lightweight and compact size. I use a Lumix 20mm 1.7 pancake lens for much of my work.

Inspiration comes from many things from painters to ceramicists. Some of those who have inspired me include Gregory Crewdson, Ernst Haas, Lucien Herve, Edward Hopper, Mario Sironi and Giorgio de Chirico.

What is that you always look onto shoot?

I’m always looking for interesting things that the light and shadow create. Often I will see a scene that I think could make a good picture and will work my way around it to find the most striking viewpoint and see what any human interest will add.

Your future goals and ambitions?

To continue to explore and find ever more interesting pictures. Oh… and to make a book.

What does it take to produce a good photograph according to you?

When I look at a picture that I like it is because the image is drawing something from me. An emotion of some kind. I want to go back to that picture time and again and feel it each time. Great pictures tell stories but they ask you to give a little bit of yourself.

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