Awesome Tips and Examples of Out of Focus in Photography


Almost everyone of us feels bad when we click a picture “focus out” But there are few artists out there who intentionally shoot things the wrong way sorry their right way. Those blurry out [...]


Beautiful Flora and Fauna Photography by Jacky Parker


I am Jacky Parker, I live in Iver Buckinghamshire UK and specialize in floral art photography. Whilst studying for a degree in Horticulture 8 years ago I was fascinated by the complexity and structure [...]


9 Simple Tips and Techniques of Indoor Photography


Guest Article by : Shilpa Venkat When you talk about photography, it is not just about capturing a picturesque surrounding or traveling to extraordinary places to get that wow effect in your photos. A [...]


Inspiring People Photography by Radesh


Hi !!! I introduce myself as Radesh, in the process of attaining perfection and effective photography. It triggered off just as a hobby using Canon 350D five years back, then I realized that I [...]


Royal Rajasthan – A Colorful Paradise for Photographers


Rajasthan,the land of kings is the largest state in India. The magic of this place is its royalty, vibrant colorful art, culture and heritage. From the sun kissed Thar Desert to colorful cities, breathtaking [...]


Interview with Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard


What made you choose Street Photography? I was always interested in humanity, but not in fashion, beauty and “posed” photography. When I was in Beijing 4 years ago I figured out that there is [...]


Kuakata – The Epitome of Human Resilience by Mohammad Moniruzzaman


Documentary Project By: Mohammad Moniruzzaman Humans explored the moon more than 40 years ago. They are now heading towards the Mars, and digging dip into Martian meteorites in search of extraterrestrial life. While they [...]


The Nikon D7000: Expectations vs Experiences


Guest Article by : Lou Hebert The D7000 was first introduced to the photography world by Nikon in September of 2010. Initially, there was much speculation about how this upgrade was meant to replace [...]


The 121 Clicks Photo Contest – Action on the Streets


Photo Credits : Vladimir Zotov, Andre du Plessis Here we are with a new topic for this month’s Photographic challenge. “Action on the Streets” .Your Pictures can be anything from a pigeon flying or [...]


Art and Beauty in Portraits by Anna Theodora


My first name, Anna (full of grace) is Hebraic. My second name, Theodora (God’s gift) is Greek. I was born in Brazil, on October 18th, 1982. Just like my blood line, my country is [...]