Still Life Photography Tips, Ideas and Tutorials


Still life photographs show arrangements of inanimate objects-such as food, flowers, shells, bottles, glasses, books, jewelry-captured in the studio or sometimes in the field. One of the traditional forms of art, still life painting [...]


Mix Collection of Stunning Photographs – Part 4


This post is continuous of Stunning Photographs Series. These are mix of Conceptual, Macro, Travel, People, Nature and everything. Hope you will like this collection, Don’t miss our previous similar posts. Mix Collection of [...]


Interview with Fine Art Photographer ReD Ognita


A Small Introduction about you I am ReD Ognita. Born in Manila. Pinoy based in Beijing. Adviser of POP-Beijing. What is your approach towards photography? We all have different ways in approaching photography. For [...]


Facebook Fan Page Designs – Showcases and Resources


Facebook is very popular and second most visited site in the world. While it seems like everyone has a Facebook account these days, Facebook fan pages are a little different. These pages are set [...]


Showcase of the Week – Mikko Lagerstedt


My name is Mikko Lagerstedt, I’m a graphic designer and amateur photographer from Finland. I started photography in December 2008, since then I have been photographing more and more. I love to make mysterious [...]


Photography Basics – Questions and Answers for Beginners – Part 4


This post is Part 4 of Photography Questions and Answers for Beginners. You can check our previous posts here: Photography Basics – Questions and Answers for Beginners – Part 1 Photography Basics – Questions [...]


15 Heart Touching Documentary Photo Stories


Documentary photography shows us exactly what our world looks like at any given moment in time. Whether the pictures are bleak, playful, angering or astounding, they all serve a historically significant purpose. Below we [...]


25 Useful Digital Photography Photoshop Tutorials


We’ve put together a collection of 25 Useful Digital Photography Photoshop Tutorials. Please click on the link to know more. Create a vintage photo effect in Photoshop Today I was playing with Photoshop looking [...]


Showcase of the Week – I am Mel Photography


Hi, I am Mel. A professional photographer located in Adelaide, South Australia and specialize in natural light photography for newborns, babies and children. Telling a unique story in a creative way is what inspires [...]


Feel Good Bicycle Photographs in Everyday Life


Yesterday, I was searching something on internet, I read the below poem and had an idea to collect some Photographs about the topic “Bicycles and Cyclists”. Hope you will like this post. I listen, [...]