40 Photography Logos for being a Successful Photographer


With the growing trend of Digitalisation in this world, there has been a steep increase in the number of photographers who has taken up this profession as a full time job. Least said, the [...]


Interview with Shlomi Nissim


Few words about yourself I am a 39 year old photographer from Israel, married with a year old baby girl. I started to photograph at the age of 12 and definitely working in photography [...]


35 Must See Creative Examples of Still Life Photography


Still Life Photography is one of those genres of photography where an absolute creation of object and creative placement of products derives to become an art, very easily. Yes, Here the Photographer, uses his [...]


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We’ve put together a collection of 25 Free E-Books to Improve Your Photography. Please click on the image to download the PDF document. As always, if we’ve missed something you think should have been [...]


Dreamy and Surreal Nature Photography By Magdalena Wasiczek


Introduction about Magdalena Wasiczek Magdalena, was born 20/06/1973 in Trzebinia, POLAND. A graduate of Ukrainian Philology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Pursues her artistic interests in the area of nature photography, macro photography and [...]


Fan Ho – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


One Person who has won more than 280 International awards right from the 1956, it cant be none other than Fan Ho. A fellow of almost all of the leading Photographic Societies in the [...]


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Street Photography has always been a great sensation, compared to other genres of photography. It provides the ease for any beginner into photography, further one need not study too much or invest on costlier [...]


Amazing Under Water Photography by Dmitry Laudin


Introduction One of the Masters of Underwater photography. Dmitry Laudin is from Moscow, Russia born in January, 25th, 1968. He started photography professionally just since 2007. Using the varied possibilities of Digital Photography, and [...]


40 Beautiful & Sublime Portraits of Kids


Children are always/definite energy bombs, casual, caring nothing about tomorrow nor any regrets for the past. The very attitude every grownup would long for, capturing this strong innocence from kids must be one of [...]