Shooting a Street Portrait – 5 Must Read Tips


A Portrait from your portfolio is more or less  solid to determine the character and vision of you the photographer. Shooting a good portrait is no easy task for even the professionals, one may […]


Soul Pleasing Photography by Maria Kallin


Maria Kallin, a nature photographer from the city of Stockholm. She loves to capture the wonderful artsy feel in the flowers and says she almost draws inspiration from a lot of photographers out there. […]


The Feminine Power by Balarka Brahma


A focus on girls’ education in India has put in place since the 1986 National Policy on Education and the 1992 Program of Action, followed by the SSA program launched in 2001, National Curriculum […]


50 Unforgettable Bicycle Photos you will love


Bicycles will forever remain one of those unique gifts we have acclaimed during our childhood days. Every Man’s first vehicle would have been a bicycle, to pedal it across and thereby rejoicing every bit […]


Colorful & Incredible Indian Photography by Subir Basak


Subir Basak, hails from Kolkatta, an Indian city known as the city of joy filled with variety of tradition and cultural values. His pictures have a strong resemblance and an astounding attitude towards Indian […]


121 Clicks Flickr Best Entries Of June 2013


A Grand tribute to all our Flickr fans, who has been submitting their wonderful pictures to our group pool. We have decided to bring a post every month with some top pictures from our […]


Interview with Street Photographer Peter Kool


Peter Kool keeps it quiet simple, be it his words or his street photographs. At times these photographs make us wonder how cool and simple street photography may be. There is this delicate Peter […]


The Spellbinders by Mohammad Moniruzzaman


‘The Spellbinders’ is a photography project aimed to document the rapidly diminishing rural circus of Bangladesh. Traditional circus troupes were one of the major attractions in rural fairs and festivals, once. The vivid colors, […]


Nick Brandt – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Nick Brandt is an interesting person, a phenomenal wildlife photographer who believes in a simple term “Fail again but fail better”. This is so unique about his role as a photographer to server what […]


30 Mind Blowing Paintings related to Photography


Paintings will forever remain the ancestors and grand inspiration for us the photographers. Numerous medium to be explored upon, various concepts and the undying power of creativity, when all these stays together, the glory […]