Intersection | New York City by Navid Baraty


Steep Buildings, sky scrappers of New york city with infinite possibilities. What would a normal photographer do looking at these giant man made creations, look up and shoot. Probably Yes, here Navid Baraty wanted [...]


35 Colorful Collection of Holi Photos

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The Festival of colors, joy of humanity spread across in flying colors all around. The very objective of celebrating Holi-the festival of colors is to start and rejoice the vibrancy of life in flying [...]


Beautiful Floral Photography by Mandy Disher


Simple textures of plants and vibrant green varieties in flora, Mandy Disher’s strength and passion for photography lies in capturing the true spirit of nature. The Petals and Sepals of flowers, the silent music [...]


5 Masterful Tips in Portrait Photography


Humans have always been excited to look into and admire the shapes and variations inside a face be it on a mirror or the other side of it. Photographing the faces with emotions and [...]


Understanding Camera RAW – A Free eBook


Shooting in RAW has become a prime objective and the basic step to create some breathtaking images. Ok that doesn’t take anything away from shooting in JPEG, but still taking into consideration about the depth of [...]


Photography Books From The Masters – Part 4


It is always grand to hear it from the Masters of Photography. The Forms of photography drifting between art and various cultures doesn’t need any introduction. One need to feel the pictures in book [...]


Soul Pleasing Portrait Photography by Meg Bitton


Feel the subtle dreams in the pictures of these beautiful kids and women on their motherhood. Excellent lighting and amazing surreal mood created within these pictures add the extra essence of art. Meg Bitton [...]


Classical Street Paintings By Petrus Van Schendel


Petrus Van Schendel is a dutch painter lived during 1806-1870. Few of the grand aspects of his paintings are the candle light and brilliant characters around to add more drama to the scene. On [...]


Henri Cartier-Bresson – Inspiration from Masters of Photography


Its hard not to think about Henri Cartier-Bresson when it comes to street photography and photojournalism. He was a french photographer who is strongly believed to be the father of modern photojournalism and life [...]


Fine Art Portrait Photographer Portfolios for Inspiration – Part1


Fine art portrait photographers are pure artists who play an important role in bridging the gap between art and photography. There cant be any better way to close this gap other than to choose [...]