The Best Wedding Photographer Portfolios for Inspiration


This Week we wanted to bring a list on 20 Best Wedding Photographers for your inspiration. The word Wedding Photography may sound easy than it actually is, there are people who has taken up [...]


Bonded Labor – Photography By Shahadat Hossain


Documentary Project By: Shahadat Hossain Social norms and economic realities mean that child labor is widely accepted and very common in Bangladesh. Child labor is a visible part of everyday life in Bangladesh: young [...]


Feel the Green – Gorgeous Examples of Color Green in Photography


The word Green itself has derived from an old English verb growan meaning “to grow”. This amazing color is evoked by the light in the spectrum usually dominated by the wavelength above 500 nanometers. [...]


The 121 Clicks Photo Contest – Beautiful Landscape


Photo Credits : Kevin McNeal, Hengki Koentjoro It’s been overwhelming to see the continuous responses we get in our monthly competition. Our Sincere thanks to all the photographers who has taken part in the [...]


Inspiring Street Photography By Sagi Kortler


My name is Sagi Kortler and I’m a street photographer from Israel. Born in 1972 in Israel. I’m a self taught photographer and as many others, I started with photographing everything. My pictures became [...]


Thermal and inkjet photo printing compared


Guest Article by Kyle Any professional photographer will want prints of his or her work to be of as high a quality as possible, so having a quality printer is absolutely essential. The two [...]


The Beauty of Taj Mahal from various Photographers


One of the finest Master Pieces of World Heritage Sites, considered to be the Jewel of Muslim Architecture in India, Taj Mahal was Built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaj. This [...]


Street Play (Theru Koothu) – Photography By Balaji Maheshwar


Documentary Project By: Balaji Maheshwar Street Play (Theru koothu), the oldest and most powerful art form is a folk theatre performed in the open mostly during temple festivals in the villages of Tamilnadu, India. [...]


Street Photography Tips and Techniques by Thomas Leuthard


Thomas Leuthard, one of the well known Street Photographers around the world. He loves to take pictures on the streets, where he is able to transform the life into his Shots. In this article [...]


Interview with Documentary and War Photographer Zoriah


Zoriah is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries and publications. Here we bring you an exciting interview along with some of his photographs. Guys, [...]